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Asian Americans are Americans who are separated historically, geographically and culturally. They have distinct features and their languages exist in America up to the present, but they have developed new experience through assimilation and acculturation. Their languages and cultures are confusing because of their differences. The Chinese and Japanese living in America have been influenced by American culture although their compilation is completely Asian American. The Asian Americans employ various criteria of writing style including sensibility, honesty and elegant style thus they are praised for justifying political-economical exploitation.

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There are varied things that make some writings Asian American. One of them is sensibility and their capability in differentiating them from the American, Chinese, and Japanese writers. Most of the Asian Americans were intimate and secure with their cultural identity, especially in the experimental sense, in a way which is different from the Americans. They succeeded to be the Chinese and Japanese Americans in a stereotyped way. Their writing was emulated form the American writing style. However, the sensibility affected their writing especially that of Lin Yutang’s and C.Y Lees (Chin 4). Another way that makes them Asian Americans is the authenticity and popularity among the whites. Furthermore, some popular writers such as Hong Kingston, Tan and Hwang, the first writers of Asian origin, are best known for similar writing style of literature books.

Additionally, the Asian Americans’ writing styles are elegant or repulsive, militantly anti-white or sometimes revengeful (Chin 7). For instance, when comparing their writing style with that of the Americans, they reveal honesty in their revenge whereby American texts are dishonest because of racism. It is clear that the Asian Americans show an elegant and at the same time bitter life in their writing. Many of the Asian Americans writers have grateful acknowledgement, and their anthology is done perfectly.

Another thing that makes their writing Asian American is writing criteria. For instance, when taking into considerations the writing style of Chin, one may be able to understand clearly the writing styles of the Asian American. Chin employs different criteria of writing the literature work. First, Chin employs his own writing style based on his writing standards. This is whereby his literature figures are comparable to the Jews and black minorities making his work dissimilar from the other Asian American writers. Moreover, the gesture stereotype and self-contempt is generated thus interracial hostility may arise (Chin 13). Another criterion that Chin employs is a consistent style of writing whereby most of his work is a stereotype of Asian Americans. Moreover, most of Chin’s works have common themes of Chinese folklore and he is known for stereotyping other Asian American writers. For instance, he accused other writers such as Hong Kingston of misinterpreting the Chinese traditional stories.

Some things make the Asian American literature writing praiseworthy. One of them is the writing style that differentiates between the real and the fake literature. For instance, some writers such as Chin differ in the way they introduce their works to the Chinese American anthology. For instance, some Chinese American writing styles are praiseworthy because of their concern that reveals the truth from the fairy tale and the Confucian heroic culture. This makes their writing understandable to the readers. Moreover, the fake can be taken from the sources in the Christian system of believes and the western history and philosophical literature. However, the work of the real writer is difficult to find (Chin 5).

Another thing that makes their work praiseworthy is because of the way they help in justifying the economical and social misuse of both men and women in the American society. Most of their literature work reveals the objection of black people. Moreover, they observed and exercised their writing styles in addressing the issue of political and economic problems. Their work is honest, and is written from the inner and mystical dimension of Asian Americans. They used writing form of addressing social and economical exploitation of blacks and the non-whites. The Asian Americans have always been praised for their objection against racism, social class, gender and any other types of discrimination in the society.

However, there are contradictions between two essays whereby the Asian American writers present the issue of optimal principles of writing literature. These contradictions on their writing style have been revealed. For instance, their literature work is questioned for lack of practicality. Their writing styles concerning the real and fake have been questioned by other writers. This is because of the confusion caused when reading their literature work. Additionally, some popular writers such as Jade Wong and Hong Kingston have been questionable in their literature skills. Their authenticity has been questioned because of optimal principles in their writing literature work. For instance, Chin is portrayed as a writer, who stereotypes other writers, revealing failure in his work. 


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