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In recent years there has been a shift in business managerial styles from hierarchical to collaborative, one that is often attributed to the rise of women into higher echelons of business leadership. The collaborative style is said to promote communication, increase creative thinking and resource sharing, and improve company morale and job satisfaction. Critics, however, argue it uses up valuable resources and is based on a faulty understanding of democratic process. We don’t really run the country like this. We elect leaders who then make the decisions. To thrive, businesses today need to be able to operate tightly, to take incisive action and shorten turn-around cycles, to have unity in vision and quick decision-making processes. Let’s get the job done, not wallow away in meetings exploring everyone’s “valuable” feedback. Do you agree or disagree? Is there something to be said for a hierarchical model of business management?

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Many commentators are dismayed at the direction the investment industry is taking, with compensation structures leading advisors to push financial products rather than to offer sound advice. When financial investors depend on commissions from sales of investments, they face a difficult decision. What brings them the highest compensation may not be what’s best for the client. Is there an irresolvable conflict here between business and ethics? Where should responsibility lie? Should consumers be more financially literate so they proceed with caution rather than trusting their advisor outright, or does the industry need instead to revise its practices?

The key to research is to provide current, relevant, appropriate information on your topic. If your sources are good, a reasonable number to consult is 3 to 5. Remember, you are really being evaluated here on your independent analysis and problem-solving, so your study should not look like an information report that simply reviews different positions on the topic. Quote when effective in supporting your own ideas. Do not simply fill word count with the thoughts and opinions of others.

All secondary sources used must be cited. Using the words and ideas of others without acknowledgement constitutes plagiarism, a serious academic offence.


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