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The key symptoms Sylvia is experiencing are: difficulty in getting along with other people because she cant maintain relationships with friends, she is irritable because she engages in self injurious behaviors, demanding since she wants her boyfriend to call her, hostile, fearful and manipulative. The disorder she has is affecting her thoughts interpersonal relationships, impulse control and emotions. She has inflexible pattern of behavior that occurs across a broad range of occasions. Her pattern of behavior deviated markedly from her social surrounding and has remained consistent over a period of time.

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A mental health provider would provide her with a psychological evaluation. The doctor will talk to her about her thoughts, relationships and her behavior pattern. She will be asked about the processes and symptoms that she is experiencing. This would include when she started feeling these symptoms, her relationships and behavior pattern towards herself and others. The doctor will try to find out how severe her condition is and how her daily life is affected by the disorder. The doctor would still want to know whether similar episodes of the disorder happen to her in the past and at what frequency. The doctor will also discuss thoughts she has about harming others and trying to perform self injuries.  

It would be recommended that the latest treatment and management strategies should be practiced on her. This includes using the conventional and scientific method backed by complementary medicine and therapies. Assortment of helpful tips and lifestyle remedies that would improve her life will be explained. It is believed that this type of personality disorder results from environmental stress, neglect or abuse when an individual was young and other series of events which triggered the beginning of the disorder in the early adult life. Long term effect will include injury to self and injuries caused on others because there is little trust.


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