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Out of the 140 million people that make up the population of Nigeria, 45 percent of them are children under the age of 15 years, and most of them come from the disadvantaged families. More than half of the Nigerian population live under poverty and this subjects their children to undesirable sexual behaviours.  In some parts of Nigeria, children are forced to feed themselves through begging for money and food.

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Review of "child sexual abuse as a risk factor for sexual risk behaviours among socially disadvantaged adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria"

Ibadan, Nigeria is one of the areas where disadvantaged people are common. A study done by Olley, B.  (2008), found out that 55 percent of a sample of school going children have experienced sexual abuse and the cases which have been reported are very few.  The study found out that 36 percent of the sexual abuse cases take place within the family. This study was done by interviewing the children and 46 percent of them said that the sexual abuses were done outside their family. After their experiences, 42 percent of them remained sexually active. The researcher found a strong relationship between their experiences of sexual abuse and their involvement in sexually risky behaviours. These children, both girls and boys had several incidences of not using a condom during sexual intercourse, engaging in sex with casual partners, intake of alcohol and use of cigarettes and also having cases of sexually transmitted illnesses. This study concluded that children with past experiences of sexual abuse are likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours thereafter.

This could be associated with the despair that these children experience after the forced sex which in most cases they fail to report.  This experience is never managed and leaves the adolescents vulnerable to risky sexual behaviours. This bad experience reduces their self consciousness and may never worry while engaging in risky sexual behaviours.  This was also supported by a study done by Kahn et al. (2005) who found out that most adolescents and women in the young adult stage who had past experiences of forced sexual acts were at a higher risk of developing human papilloma virus infection. This study also found an association between past experiences of sexual abuse and contraction of sexually transmitted infections. Two factors were associated with this. One, the early exposure to the virus may increase one's chances of acquiring the virus in future. The other one is that the stress associated with the abusive experience may weaken one's immune system impairing his or her ability to resist the infection of the virus.

Another study to support this was done by Roberts, Auinger, & Klein (2005) that found as association between sexual abuse by intimate partners and development of undesirable reproductive behaviours. In this study, it was found out that those who are currently experiencing abusive intimate relationships have history of pregnancy. This study concluded that women who got pregnant during their early years are currently being physically abused by their intimate partners, and that those who are currently being verbally abused by their intimate partners are sexually active adolescents with decreased use of condoms. The study therefore supports the study done in Ibadan Nigeria that found an association between sexual abuse and sexually risky behaviours.

The three studies have found an association between pats experiences of sexual abuse and development of undesirable sexual behaviours. However, this issue is common among the disadvantaged communities where children are exposed to difficult situations at early ages. These children undergo difficult experiences that result in reduced self consciousness to an extent that they can engage in risky sexual behaviours.


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