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Civilization is a society defined by fundamentals such as a method of writing, a growth of social classes, and cities. Some of the early civilizations include the ancient Greece, classical Rome, Mesopotamia, and classical China. All have made unique contributions to societies that are felt to date by the modern society. The various inventions, advancement, and individual contributions of the ancient people during ancient civilizations have shaped the world we live in today.

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Ancient Civilization

The oldest and most ancient civilization was the Mesopotamia civilizations and stretched northeastern across the present-day Egypt. The earliest inhabitants to inhabit Mesopotamia made significant contributions such as inventing wheeled vehicles and the early form of writing to the world. The Mesopotamian civilization is the origin to various great knowledge man has ever developed these was because of a scientific uprising that took place. The Mesopotamian civilization is distinguished for introducing the first mathematical breakthrough through the discovery of exponents and roots. Such mathematical systems allowed for the construction certain architectural designs like the arch, the dome, and vaulted ceilings. The modern man though very simple has never improved such concepts to date. Architecture innovations have enabled more people to fit in less space in the modern world allowing more residents to leave in cities. It is notable to say that the Mesopotamia civilization was indeed a great civilization due to its immense contributions to the modern society. Besides developments in mathematics and architectures the Mesopotamian, culture has full recognition in rise to practical medicine with the development in pharmaceutical tablets that have been found to cure a variety of venereal disease. The Astronomy field was neither left behind in the Mesopotamia civilization; their astrological discoveries remained unchallenged until Galileo invented the telescope.

Due its flourishing nature, Mesopotamia invented trade routes that have remained way after. Nations engaged in international trade relies on trade routes to do business with their business. Mesopotamia in my opinion should be regarded as an amazing civilization, the modern man owes a great deal to these civilization and its culture. It notable that everywhere there is proof of prehistoric Mesopotamian influence making it one of the greatest civilizations ever existed.
The Ancient Greek Contributions to the modern society was influential in the manner in which governments are formed. The Greek culture serves as the structure of reference for the Western way of life that touches on government, architecture, math, and arts. It is on the Greek culture where our modern society is built upon. According to Greek civilization government are formed by citizens regardless social standing, this is what is currently known as democracy, or “government of the people.” Athens democracy encouraged every citizen to participate in debates a common aspect practiced by most Western civilizations to date. Through the same scenario many government elect their officials and enforce laws.

Mathematical Geometry, which is a major foundation in mathematics, had its early development in Ancient Greece by Euclid. Mathematical discoveries resulted to Grecian architecture that was instrumental in designing buildings in Greece. Most of the buildings were either mathematically designed either in symmetrical shapes that are prominently done in the modern world. Although the Greek culture fell several years ago it has remained as one of the most sought after examples that Western civilization copy after.

The Ancient Rome has helped build the society that we all live in today. Its contribution has been very instrumental to the growth of Western Civilisation. The Ancient Rome culture has lent the Western Civilisation a number of attributes that have transformed the world into what it is today. The Ancient Rome was the first government to be created, these have been replicated across all nations in the world to date, and all nations have set governments and systems of governance to help serve its people in a fair manner. Assuming that the Romans had not laid proper laws and structures and never chosen people to rule Rome, and then we would most likely be living in different way in the modern society. Most recent buildings have been influenced by the Ancient Roman architecture. The development of Latin the Ancient Roman language is the base of most English words currently used in communication today. In fact, without Rome civilization communication would be a great challenge, English has remained as the main form of communication across the world. The introduction of rules and laws has brought order because wrong doers are punished under rules and laws that make up government, though they have changed over time. Rome culture has been fundamentals setting up systems of running a country peacefully, though the Ancient Rome was either a democracy or a republic but its existence is very relevant to majority of Western countries.

The Roman culture that which is founded on family values, military strength, and wise leadership among its leaders. On the contrary, the Rome civilization brought the concept that whatever flourishes at times start to decline leading to a downfall. Rome downfall was a result of economic decay that resulted from the expensive lifestyles their leaders had. The Rome government got money by taxing the poor people who formed the largest percentage as it the case with most of the modern governments. The current economic downfall is as old as the Rome civilization, their leaders were among the first to cause an economic downfall within their government similar to what the world is experiencing today.  

The excavations of the remains at Mohenjodaro and Harrappa today in Pakistan prove the being and a developed urban civilization inside India. Indus valley civilization, which dates approximately 3000 B.C., made India to be civilized since the very last 5000 years. The being of an urban civilization presumes the being of urbanized techniques of structural design and construction. These techniques would have no doubt, been systematically affirmed in documentation for transmission to later generations as well as being kept to act as reference medium for real construction. Unfortunately, this Indus Valley civilization has no such account preserved either as astound edicts, manuscripts or in folk tale and folklore. Constructed cities then bear a testimony to existence of systematized and highly urbanized technique of structural design for as before as 5000 years ago. In the past ages, as of the 7th century B.C., there is both writings and well-stored references and still archeological evidences to confirm the being of great urban civilizations at the Ganges Valley. Like in other sciences, remotely linked with faith or religion in architecture, also the scientific thoughts and techniques have been incorporated with philosophy and religion. This is so as majority of huge constructions are the temples.

The classical China civilization was a dynasty first established by Qin Shi Huang in 221 BC as the "First Emperor." Through Chinese civilization the Chinese language, measurements, length, and currency all came to be. However, it never lasted for long it introduced authoritarian policies that resulted to widespread rebellion. The current china economy depended on the china civilization that began its rapid development during and after. Writing was developed in the Indus Valley, China. Such civilization was for the purpose of record keeping then. Good record keeping system is vital to a society's evolution. The discovery of medicines by the china has been a big break though in containing and treating most of the diseases affecting the world today. China to date has remained a strong pillar in the manufacture of most of the medicines in use today. New discoveries are still taking place in China with this being one of the greatest contributions the China Ancient culture has contributed to the world to date. Art and painting has remained in the hearts of the China Culture for a number of years, the Ancient society was the first introduce painting and use of color schemes in its artistic works. These developments in art are in use by all societies and cultures to date. The china civilization introduced clothing and jeweler among its citizens, these have remained an important aspect of human decency without which the world would be very different from what it is today.
The Ancient Indian civilization is known for the introduction of Civil Construction that was instrumental in the construction of Ancient temples, palaces among other civil construction.


Ancient civilizations have played a major role in defining the modern society. Every aspect of modern society has its roots on either of the ancient civilizations; the current way of life is just but an improvement of the ancient way of life. Modern science, medicine and art all have any ancient perspective.


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