Free Discrimination of Different Gender Essay Sample

Discrimination is the behavior that a person or a party has towards another group or person. It involves rejection and exclusions in some cases. Discrimination takes many dimensions thus enabling us obtain many examples of it. Such includes racial discrimination, age discrimination, sex discrimination, employment discrimination, language, disability, religious discrimination among others. Under study is the gender discrimination in workplaces (Faye, Margaret and Ann, 222).

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Literature review

Gender discrimination refers to rejecting or excluding individuals in certain job opportunities because to their sex. In addition, gender discrimination may be witnessed from how individuals are being treated in their workplaces. Examples of potential discriminations which are unlawful and punishable by law are, hiring of new employees, firing existing workers and unfair promotions. An individual may apply for an advertised job because he or she feels that his or her qualifications are desirable and fit to fill the vacant position. Unfortunately, such individuals may not be hired at all. There are several factors surrounding the fact that one has not been hired. In some circumstances, some companies prefer working with men than women. Management of such companies' beliefs that men are more energetic and very productive compared to women. This statement amounts to discrimination, since women are not given equal opportunities as men. Further, a person, say women, may be fired from the organization with the claim that a company needs to reorganize itself or due to decline in the productivity. When such instances occur, it is usually astonishing that men who worked in the same rank as the women fired retains their positions or even get promotions (Janet Henshall, 116).

Forms of gender discrimination

Most companies have policies that its employees are promoted according to their educational qualifications, experience and in some instance their level of productivity. A good example is in the sales and marketing departments of most companies. Usually, when a person meets and goes to an extent of surpassing the target, he or she stands a chance to be promoted to a rank higher. However, with the current trend of gender discrimination, women efforts may not be recognized due to men preference.

Payment and remuneration packages also portray gender rejection in workplaces. For example, a woman may have worked hard as an assistant accountant and has been rewarded with a promotion to a higher rank of being an accountant. Queries arise when a male accountant with similar training and experience is hired and paid better than the female in the same position. This amounts to discrimination.

Many companies have got benefits to its employees such as health insurance policies. This is usually put in place to motivate the employees and gives them morale of being productive. The insurance cover provided should cater for a person and his or her family. However, some companies do not cater for this when dealing with women employees since they have a belief that their husbands or spouses have their own benefits in their work places. This is therefore gender discrimination since the male employees and their families are fully covered.

Effects of gender discrimination

Discrimination of gender in work places has got negative effects to the company. A company which embraces such discrimination is more likely to witness a decline in the overall performance. Quality of work is compromised since the favored employees may become reluctant in discharging their duties ( Roscigno, 230).

Furthermore, those individuals who are directly affected by rejection cannot discharge duties as usual since it is hard for an individual to work under stressful conditions. Those individuals whose rights have not been violated may also be affected and get demoralized upon witnessing the company soliciting sexual discrimination.  To add, gender discrimination portrays a negative image of the company hence there is a likelihood of customer lose. The company's relationship with the public is altered and discourages the qualified and experienced employees who would have otherwise make the company prosper.

Over past, many companies with traces of gender discriminations have run at losses and most of them contemplating shut down decisions. This is mainly due to poor management as a result of hiring less skilled employees. Further, the lucky few who are hired do not become productive as expected of them due to male dominance and prejudice. Unhealthy businesses have been witnessed and generally this can be attributed to self created calamity. To conclude on the effects, companies which practices gender discrimination has slim chances of retaining its employees. This is because the employees fear losing their jobs. Such people opt for other companies with fair remuneration packages and observe gender sensitivity (Joan and Donald, 156).

Prevention of discrimination in workplace

Since gender discrimination is self created by individuals or parties, it is possible to prevent and avoid its practice. In organizations or rather the workplaces, the process and the entire procedure of ensuring equity in work places, indiscriminate of gender cordially lies in the shoulder of management. The management of any organization should ensure that policies of the organization are followed to the point. New employees should be recruited fairly and selected to be part of the organization without gender favoritism. Once hired, all employees should be treated as one entity, should benefit from all the packages offered by the company among other motivations. Senior management staff should show a good example of equity when it comes to promoting its employees. Organizations policy of promoting an individual with experience and outstanding performance should always be adhered to.

Many countries across all continents advocates for gender sensitivity. Majority of the governments are against gender discrimination and those found practicing such unlawful deeds are punishable by law. Many acts such as the equal pay acts, pregnancy discriminatory acts, and also promotion acts have been established and made public by most governments. The reason for publicizing the acts or rather the policies is to create awareness amongst the employees. People are given a chance to know their rights and freedoms. This therefore gives them a leeway to sue the organization if they feel that their rights and freedoms are violated. Schools are among the top institutions that educates many on the benefits of gender equality. Since schools are usually termed as industries which process young and energetic leaders, it has played a vital role in creating awareness thus the public is rest assured of young and potential leaders who are gender sensitive (Yoshie, 87).

In conclusion, it is quite evident that gender discrimination in all fields, be it institutions or organizations, has got negative implications. It is very harmful to an individual's professional growth and also limits the growth and expansion of business enterprises. Laws have therefore been put in place to counter such acts and prevent the violation of employees' rights, be it on a racial basis, gender, age, or religion of an individual. Depending on the country where an individual resides, these policies and regulations may vary but usually has got a primary objective of ensuring equity and fair distributions of resources and services amongst the employees. Women being the majority who are victimized by discrimination, equal opportunities should be given to them as men. Research indicates that women given a chance can enable a company move a milestone. The generation we are in now calls for all genders to work together as one to accomplish their goals and objectives. It is therefore clear that sex is and should never be a qualification for employment opportunity (Michele, 13).


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