Free Essay Sample is one of the leading websites that help individuals to learn a language that will enable them to communicate and connect with the world. It is basically a website that is primarily geared to people who are interested in expanding their communication skills through learning a foreign language. The website has listed various institutions that offer language tutorial services to interested individuals. However, it also contains a webpage on grammar tutorials for those who wants to learn the English language without wanting to hire someone to teach them. It is a self-explanatory website who is very original in its own contents despite the fact that there are lots of competitions and similar websites in the information gateway.  The edge of this website is that it does not focus on one language but rather covers all language there is to learn. Just like other websites, it has online tests to measure the language proficiency of all the users and learners from the website. It is a very useful website for fun learning.

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It contains useful information on areas of learning the English language such as adverbs, grammar, adjectives and provides useful English as Second Language resources as well. It has online tests and audio software that will aid every students and teachers in their quest to English perfection. It is a community of learners and teachers of English as Second Language. Therefore, it provides an interactive community and environment for the perfection of the language. It cannot be denied that since it is a community of lovers of English language, the materials presented and posted are up to date. Useful information are scattered everywhere in the website which makes it even more useful for people.

Which website to use?

Although it can be said that both websites are useful for people who want to learn a language, it is preferred to use because of the fact that it focuses on the dominant language-English. It is important to learn the universal language because it is dominant. Once the mastery of English is achieved, it will be easier for a lot of people to gain access to the world market and land a job in English speaking nation. But in order to do that, non-native English speakers such as Asians must go through intensive tutorials and lessons on how to speak and write proper English with guided training on accent. In this regard, is the right website to use because it does not only have written materials but also contains audio materials for people to listen.

The best thing about the website is its connection with other websites as well which is really helpful. It is like a compilation of all the resources that are needed in order to ensure proper learning of the English language. Another good thing about this website is that one can learn for free. Since it is an interactive community, anyone can ask question from any member of the website and get reliable and dependable answers from the experts and novice alike. Both English as Second Language students and teachers will definitely benefit from this website as it makes all the lessons simple and easy to understand. Other websites tend to complicate things by making the lessons so hard to comprehend. But makes it simple so even the novice in learning the language will find it easy and enjoyable. Hence, for a better understanding and fun learning of the English language, this website can really help anyone who strives hard enough to have it in perfection.


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