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The world is full of immoral characters that risk their health and lives due to their unsound engagements. There is an array of wicked deeds that I can choose from but allow me to settle on prostitution. I take this piece as a bottom of the barrel since all those practicing prostitution have various better ways to fend for themselves and families rather than the indulgence in commercial sex. Additionally, men who want their sexual desires quenched by whores should rethink and have a  cold chill run their spine since by  resorting to go in bed with such ladies is sinful or unhealthy.

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Prostitute is gotten from Latin word Spatula.  Different sources refer to it a composition of pro and statuere which means making to erect. The thing “sex for hire” is not in agreement with  the etymology which suggests being exposed to lust or sex given indiscriminately. However,  “up front” or exposure  referred to the old roman sexual workers’ custom of going around  with their faces naked unlike ladies who covered their heads with a head cloth.  

Prostitution is the act of participating in sex in return for money. This act is perceived differently by individuals and regulated differently through laws in different countries. Netherlands is among those countries that have made prostitution lawful. It is believed that Amsterdam is a destination for international sex tourism. In other countries, projection on the total number of prostitutes is quoted at 15,000 and 30,000.Though, thought to be immoral prostitution generates revenue of more than $100 billion annually. Men seeking female prostitutes have been the world’s oldest form of prostitution. Through the revenue generated in the taxation of prostitutes, the government is capable of running its projects without any financial constraints.

Prostitution takes place in many different forms. It is carried out in establishments called brothels. On the other hand, the act may take place in the customer’s home or hotel room rented for the event by the escort. There is another form called street prostitution. The act has led to sex tourism, which refers to travelling, especially from developed nations, to take part in prostitution in under-developed nations. The act has also led to intimidation of some individuals through human trafficking; which refers to use of coercion to transport a person who is not willing into sexual exploitation. Here hotel rooms proprietors are seen to be making good deals through prostitution hence improving their capital bases as their businesses undergo tremendous growth.

Prostitution may be a character that is queer, but the issues about its legalization or decriminalization still attract many debates. The act of prostitution is a form of employment to some people in the society. Therefore, authorities should legalize the act and seek to come up with laws that regulate it rather than abolishing it.  By scrapping prostitution, this will inflict a lot of suffering on the minority whose cup of tea was only prostitution. Through the forming of stringent laws children are going to be protected from forceful prostitution, making it possible for them to go to school without any serious challenges related to prostitution.

The television being the nerve center of today’s media, it should be fully relied on to sensitize and bring awareness to the public domain. Television should be used to inform the youth on the need to embrace abstinence that is hard to practice with the popularity of sex nowadays. Secondly, television should be used to inform the public why faithfulness is paramount, since infidelity leads to contraction of diseases like HIV/AIDS and those that are sexually transmitted. The use of television to disseminate this information will give jobs to advertisers and other human personnel without forgetting station owners.

Television as a medium of communication should also be used to campaign for the use of contraceptives if one has to commit the act of sex outside or before marriage. On contraceptives, the government should communicate on how they are used and on their prices to avoid and prevent intermediaries from stealing people’s money. Television should thirdly be used to show the consequences associated with sex. The consequences include lose of respect from relatives and friends, wastage of money and even lacking a spouse to marry due to complications brought about by many abortion incidents. This will help the public to indulge in prostitution without endangering their health since precautionary measures of using contraceptives.

The ball shall have been rolled to the court of authorities who will have an obligation to implement policies that will help curb spiraling vices. To start with, the government should make laws that deter children from participating in prostitution. This is achievable only by clearly spelling out the penalty to be imposed on those found endangering the lives of children for their malicious interests. This will assure parents that school fees will be utilized fully.

Secondly to avoid theft, which do women who still from their clients a policy compelling them to take licenses should be developed often do. This will make it possible to sue those acting in contravention of these policies. The arraigning in court of those who victimize their clients will help the prostitution industry reform for the better. The authorities should also come up with a law that checks charges for the services offered by prostitutes. When rates are regulated, some will be discouraged by high charges or some compelled to leave the industry due to little gains got from the industry. Actualizing these measures will ensure reciprocation to the client and the service provider.

The authorities should come up with workshops and seminars that will help the youth or teenagers acquaint themselves with ways and skills of getting lifetime lovers  and consequently help reduce the numbers of those who seek services of a prostitute because they are desperately in lust and are made to indulge in the business of commercial sex.

 Religion should also help in stepping up this fight through summons and creation of projects that will help their faithful get means to raise some money for their upkeep and maintenance. Lastly, the authorities should start campaigns that discourage the practices of prostitution as unhealthy and unworthy to be practiced by sober and sane human beings. This will help each person to grow spiritually.

Finally, the remedy against prostitution starts with individual decision and then collective decisions, prostitution is a vice that one should deal with through avoiding alcoholism and then teaming up with right friends who rarely talk of topics that are sexually centered.   


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