Free Hallmarks of Effective Writing Essay Sample

Whether one is in business or in school, writing is a fundamental aspect of success. A good writer is an affective communicator and is able to present his ideas in a manner which is coherent and logical and scores him/her major points. On the other hand, a person who hasn’t invested time and effort to become a good writer cannot communicate his ideas in a manner that the recipient understands and this leads to his work being dismissed as shoddy or wrong. But what are the hallmarks that define effective writing and what does researching this topic contributes to a better understanding of the writing process?

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The best way to start an effective piece of writing is by understanding and defining its purpose in a very specific manner. The writer should present this purpose with a clear introduction which contains a strong thesis. This should be followed by evidence and back up information aimed at supporting or proving the thesis. A good writer must arrange all these information in a consistent and logical manner to create flow and allow the intended reader to understand the message. Most great writers have underscored the importance of writing a rough draft first, making several revisions through proofreading and finally creating a final draft.

The above characteristics when followed appropriately are likely to assist a writer develop a good paper. On the other hand, there are other factors which are unique to an individual. Good writing is also affected by one’s attitude, amount of practice we devote to our writing skills and the level of study we make to understand language and writing. 


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