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Home is place where people live in with their family members. Home is considered as heart and no other place resembles with it. Homes are built at best and comfortable locations. Home is a place of predictability, stability and privacy for us with our family. We can say that it is a place that is everything for us.

Home is a place where one grows crops and worked all the day and sometime buried their dead there close to their homes. When that era passed where you lived with your parents and children until you become enfeeble. Even homes are changed in one’s life but their comfort and peace always remain permanent. When children grew up, they are asked to go to their rooms to take rest and walls of their rooms are painted with their own choices. People are selling the pictures of beautiful homes in buses and feelings of same homes are created in our hearts to have such beautiful homes. It can be said that homes are the real state for the people.

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 I can agree with Quindlen by saying “home is where the heart is”. Personally I think that every possibility of owning a home is very important. It is found curious that people without homes sleep in open places and opt to sleep at benches or hurdled in doorways than go to shelters. Other people are afraid of troubles and violence they find there. In the shelters people do not like shelters as peace and calm is not present there. They want only room of their own where a woman with their children sleep and feel pride of their own home’s ownership.

Ann has explored the importance of the home with examples in his writing. The importance of home is from the collection “Living Out Loud”. Home look beautiful decorated with lights and flowers to celebrate the happiest moments at home. Festivals are arranged at homes to participate in the discussion of an existing issue among family members. Why people choose home a right place to arrange the festivals? Own homes are considered as a best place for wedding and other festivals. It is true that homes provide security when one wants to live more comfortably then he is shifted to his home. Home is the point where all family members are gathered in evening and discussing daily matters about their jobs etc.

Our homes and family are related very close to each other and again the home is the center of our lives, the hub from which all our daily experience extend. Homes are the vital ingredient in the pursuit of a realistic, optimistic and meaningful life. Homes provide the peaceful life if relationships among family members, its atmosphere and way of home run is controlled by the leading person of that particular family. Home is considered to be foundation where family members share the sense of purposes to pursue their own goals.

It is saying that Quindlen’s claiming that homelessness is good, just opposite of what she says as a place that can modify as they feel fit. In “Homeless” Ann shows the expression of being not homeless as he pulls out the pictures of a yellow house. Quindlen understands all about that what Ann says about home. Quindlen feels that home is a place that is replaceable with shelter. However Ann has reminded us that homeless poor people are rootless. It is ultimate truth that homeless people are not valued in our society as considered low class people who are restless and go to search for their foods in different places.

Most of us have their opinions that homes are of great importance because families gather, children grew up there and we always find solitude and comfort there. Official persons after their retirement keep themselves at the homes to take rest for long period. Parents are confidant about their children health at homes as food facilities are more common at homes. Homes are beautiful with the people residing there. As loneliness and depressed homeless people face the issues of failing health, safety, disability and mobility, factors involved before lifestyle change can cause these problems. The people at all levels of age are healthier because they retain their independence at their own homes. Moving out of our homes creates many problems like depression, stresses, anxiety and disrupts our whole lives.

What measures are taken to beautify our homes by introducing the spirituality in our homes? Children remember their homes as a place of kindness and warmth, where people gathered to talk about the things that mattered to them. When children are grown into adults they create the same sort of home. A beautiful home needs to be free of pollution as it destroys the spiritual grace and wholesomeness of home. A home must be decorated with the all necessary decoration items and ask others about its beauty.

When people think about others who are homeless and need a place to live, an argument with which one agreed upon, the point could be made that a unique home which can be painted blue or red as one of many things are provided to homeless. But it needs to understand the homeless people with unique memories and aspirations. Ultimately an experience explores this idea of own home but not focuses on the people who avoided the shelters because of mental illness. It is required to know the situation during the period of homeless and must be focused to provide the necessary support to those homeless people. When someone wants to be owner of a home and succeeds to build its own home, he keeps the pictures and other sceneries of home in his bag to show others.

 The importance of home can be elaborated as; lives are completed in own homes. When an example from real life is taken, then it is clear that the home is the place where the people come from and memories of their family line can be traced. In present times there are many impacts of the stress of inappropriate homes. Due to trouble functioning people are unable to stress on their works in their lives. Additionally when children do not have the proper residents, they can not get proper education and always face many home related issues. Owing a home reduces the environmental load and they can start to deal with other many issues like health and employment. By setting our own homes people are secured from thieves, on the other hand people without homes are always at risks of theft.

 The importance of the home is focused in this paper and people who do not have their own homes are deprived of many comforts and peace at their own homes. Own homes have effects on the cultural, economic and social aspects of one’s life. In spite of it those who belong to low class families and have no money to build their own homes are considered not safe as compared to others. Being a prosperous and living a peaceful life, own homes are mandatory in one’s life.


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