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  1. Discuss the similarities and differences between the Knights of Labor (KOL) and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

They later used strikes in pushing in their needs.  After they realized that the only remedy was to strike, they used it maximally with the aim of abolishing 10 to 12 hour work per day.

Both the industrial workers of the world and knights of labor were made up of skilled and unskilled workers that were all aimed at protecting employees' reprisals.  The industrial workers of the world had more unskilled labor who earns little. The knights of labor had almost equal number of skilled and unskilled workers. 

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After so much time of struggle, I.W.W was against capitalism so as to reduce electoral politics which had been the major problem which included false accusation of taking money from the German agents like Knights of labor who had moved out of it.   

Industrial workers of the world was established under socialism in 1905 who led the groups such as Western Federation of Miners into opposing class collaboration which was then under the American Federation of Labor. The Knight of labors was pushing for workers' cooperatives other than capitalism. Industrial workers of the world employed strikes so as to achieve their objectives. Industrial workers of the world used strikes, boycotts, and slowdowns so as to meet their goals in 1905. On the contrary, knights of labor used arbitration other than strike which they discourage it so much.

Knights of labor was secretive than industrial workers of the world who use crude methods such as strikes and boycotts to push for their needs. I.W.W were later struggled to achieve capitalism which have been vacated by Knights of labor long ago.

  1. Explain how the Haymarket Riot, Homstead strike, and Pullman strike helped as well as hurt the AFL.

The Haymarket Riot was aimed at reducing work day to eight hour work, a better pay at the factory and days to be worked per week was to be reduced. The working condition for workers was not good as such. Finally was the brutality of the police force. The riot was to change all these.

The Haymarket Riot resulted to the death of seven policemen and 60 others injured. On the side of the workers, many were beaten, detained and tried through hanging and other inhuman ways of discipline.

  1. How have the major labor relations laws helped or hindered the development of unions?

The Chinese Exclusion Act was supported by Knights thus embracing racism. Chinese Americans were killed during the Rock Springs Massacre. Despite the fact the contributed up to 10% of the total population, knights struggled to expel them.  After the formulation of the Contract Labor Law, skilled and unskilled women of any profession were accepted.

  1. Discuss some key similarities and differences between the AFL-CIO and the Change to win federation.

AFL-CIO structure is not for unity in that a good number of unions haphazardly divvy up workers irrespective of industry and region. The Change to Win unions criticizes the idea the bad way. Change to Win is merging unions so that the industry could be strong and promote democracy. AFL-CIO permits only minor stake at specific industries in order to avoid large -scale co-ordination strategy.

  1. What impact do you think the Change to Win federation will have on union membership growth and union involvement in politics over the next 5-10 years?

Change to Win unions is majorly made of minority and immigrant workers and so they have a substantial membership. As they are largely immune to the global pressure on capitalism, and low-wage imports, they are interested on this growing but neglecting sector with the help of other unions. Religious leaders, political leaders, community organizers' and social workers inspire the support  for the rights of Wal-Mart workers and for immigration reforms which the have passion to achieve them in the near future.


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