Free Kids Involved in Sports Essay Sample

A sport is a competitive and physical activity which aims at providing physical fitness and entertainment to the participants.  The inclusion of sport in the curriculum of schools has been on the debate among educationists, politicians, parents and the psychologists for a significant time. Some people consider sport as a waste of time and while others think it is necessary for the proper development of children. The pros and cons of the children’s involvement in sporting activities are presented below.

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First of all, children, who involve themselves in sporting activities for at least thirty minutes a day, have very low chances of getting diseases such as cardiovascular disease obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Studies also show that children who are active in sport develop this routine into adulthood. Sporting activities provide them with both physical and mental health. The children get into contacts with other people in the society, and children who participate in sport develop a reputable attitude towards other people, which helps them work well in groups.

The determination to win and enjoy sport also helps the children to set and achieve goals with ease. Furthermore, children with an incredible talent in a specific sport can easily develop a sporting career. Most sports personalities earn enormous amounts of money through making sport their profession. Sport also cultivates the sportsmanship attitude in children that enables them be courteous to opponents and fellow teammates. The children are able to behave ethically and with integrity despite their victory or loss.

On the other hand, children who are not interested in sporting careers find sport as a waste of time. They would rather involve themselves in activities that will promote their careers and academics. These children are also safe from the physical harm that may come when injured during the sporting activities.

In conclusion, the children who participate in sporting activities have a tremendous advantage over the children who are physically inactive. Sport helps children to develop both physically and mentally, as sporting activities are essential to the growth of children, and thus it is necessary to involve children in them.


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