Free Level of Stress among Married Men and Single Men Essay Sample

For quite sometime, it was believed that single men are more stressed when compared to married men. It is therefore this fact that made me to come up with a theory testing whether single men are more stressed when compared to married men. In order to carry out research, I started to visit social places and attending social ceremonies and events like wedding, stadiums, burial ceremonies, cinema halls, among others. I also started to befriend both married and single men to the extent that we were in a good position to share even personal affairs. I also interviewed some of them in regard to the issue of stress for instance, whether married men are feeling more stressed currently when compared to the period before getting married and collected their respective responses.

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This research method was similar to that used by psychologists in that, like psychologists' research method that involves two groups under test, I went on from one group to the other- married men to single men- and recorded their respective responses they way it is done in research methods used by psychologists. However, in my research, I found that married men are more stressed when compared to single men. This is due to the fact that, married men have children and wife to feed and take care of, thus they will be very stressed if they realize that they don't have or that they are not in a position to provide their families with these needs. In contrary, single men are less stressed when compared to married men due to the fact they are only worried about themselves and not any other person. Hence, when they eat, dress and sleep well they will not be worried of anything else like married men who are worried of their children and wives.  

However, if given another opportunity, I would include women in my research since I came to realize some time later that they were important materials to be used in this research. I would also let both married and single men to write what they feel that makes them stressed. This is because some men are afraid of talking verbally but will express their feelings in privacy or papers.


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