Free Love and Sex in Literature Essay Sample

The poems discussed in this paper have a similar dominant theme, which is love and sex. However, all the poems have a religious background as they all acknowledge the presence and power of God. Love is a powerful emotion, and it can be described as the source of all other emotions.

In the first poem, the poet complains about the time she wasted lamenting over her lost. This made her lose on significant life opportunities that have now passed her. In the second poem, the poet talks about degrading feelings and intense longings. This can be interpreted to mean sexual desire. The use of the term degrading could mean that, at the time, of writing the poem, expressing sexual desire was a degrading experience. In the third poem, the poet is a man describing the beauty of his naked mistress and his desire to man her and teach her about sex. In the poem, he says, “to teach I’m naked first”. In the second and third poem, love and sex are affiliated. The poets seem to bring out the idea that sex is a symbol of their love.  In the first poem, the poet is a woman. She has lost her love and feels empty and prefers death to the emptiness. This causes her to ask her emptiness be filled with grace that she might die in peace.

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Love can be referred to as the ‘mother’ of all these emotions.  In the first poem, the loss of love triggers sadness to the extent the woman prefers death. In the second poem, the poet claims that loving the woman makes death ‘beneficent’. He further talks of his intense longings. These sexual feelings expressed are as a result of love. In the third poem, the poet is a promiscuous man who is describing the beauty of his mistress body. This brings out the aspect of infidelity in marriage. It is ironic that the man chooses to take a mistress he lusts over to his wife.  The manner in which he describes her nakedness does not reveal love but lust at her innocence and beauty.

The poems give love, sex and marriage a negative image. In the first poem, the poet is lamenting due to a lost love. She talks of the wasted time and opportunities because of love. In the first and second poem, the poet towards the end believes death is a worthy price to pay for love.  All these poems depict the love as an emotion that brings pain and suffering. The lamenting and longings all show how the poets suffered for the sake of their love. Ironically, the third poem is an attribute to a mistress and the poet does not reveal any love for her. However, this action proves the fact that, at times, love is not necessary to have sex.

Love will always be a part of human life. Despite the fact that in most cases love causes hurt, it is the best medicine man can get if used appropriately. Therefore, human beings need to take responsibility of the love they trigger in other and not use it to manipulate and hurt others.


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