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Magnitude refers to the number that shows the relative size of an earthquake. It is measured on a seismograph and the intensity of the earthquake known. A hurricane is a tropical storm with strong winds moving at the speed of 74 miles per hour and is usually destructive. Climatic change is the general rise in the earth’s and sea temperature due to the green house effect. Climatic change has considerable influence on the intensity of hurricanes and variables such as sea surface temperature, and, global mean surface temperature have to be put in consideration when investigating this relationship.

This paper explicates the variables to be considered when investigating the relationship between climatic change and hurricane intensity. In addition, it explicates the measurement of magnitude and its assessment in hydrology.

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It is vital to consider the sea surface temperature in determining the intensity of a hurricane. This is the gradual increase in the sea and ocean temperatures due to global warming. There has been a general increase in the intensity of hurricanes as sea temperatures increase over the years. Increase in sea temperature causes an increase in wind speed hence increasing hurricane intensity. The easier movement of the sea and ocean water also causes the increase in the intensity of hurricanes, which result in high velocity sea winds.

Global surface temperature also has to be considered. It is the gradual increase in the earth’s surface temperatures due to the effect of green house gases. The increase in troposphere temperatures results, in shear of these strong winds. The wind shear associated with El Nino inhibits the occurrence of hurricanes hence generally causing a decrease in their intensity.  Hurricane intensity only increases when the atmospheric temperatures vary rapidly from time to time. There is an offsetting relationship where constant troposphere temperatures off set the changing sea surface temperatures. It is vital to note that the balance between surface temperatures and sea temperatures greatly influence the speed of a hurricane. The speed will only be high if the land temperatures remain constant while the sea temperatures gradually increase.

In meteorological events, the magnitude of any event is measured depending on its intensity. This means the strength of the event and its effects on the earth’s surface. When measuring the magnitude variances such as the presence of physical features, and, the geographical location of a region must be considered. In addition meteorologists adhere to measures such as use of the appropriate measuring instrument, and, consistency in their measurements to ensure accuracy. High magnitude is represented by higher values on the scale.

In hydrological events such as landslides, the magnitude of an event is determined by the extent of its effects on the earth\s surface. Very destructive events are taken to be of very high magnitude while those with minor effects are considered to be of lower magnitude. Variances such as the geographical location, and, availability of water bodies must be put into consideration. In addition, they should consider measures such as the epicenter of the event, and, the use of appropriate instruments. High magnitude events are represented by values higher on the scale while lower magnitudes are represented by lower values.

The research conclusion establishes that it is vital to know the relationship between climatic change and hurricane intensity especially as coastal populations swell. The conclusion elaborately states that the hurricane intensity and its relationship to the sea temperatures are not limited to decadal time scale. Other signals like ENSO Can also are used to indicate the relationship. The relationship between increase in the sea temperatures and how they are offset is stated. There is a general reduction in the intensity of hurricanes if the troposphere temperatures remain constant.


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