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Michael Beirut studied the graphic design at the University of Cincinnati?s College of Design. Michael Beirut is a partner of international design consultancy Pentagram in New York City. He has served as president and critic at Yale School of Art. He is also winner of AIGA medal in 2006. He is well known author of collection of 79 essays on Design. He is recognized due to his leadership qualities in his profession and has power to influence the design.

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On 2005 a provocative presentation about the design at AIGA National Design Conference was held and 20 designers took place at the stage. They elaborated animations, professional rank films and power point presentations. Michael Beirut appears in a suit on the stage and performed ?The Star Spangled Banner?. It was his self-penned version and vocal work. By performing that he received an eminence ovation. Performing on the stage is not a great work before 3000 designers but he built his personality, career and work of affection. After all Beirut is a perfect-mannered person and is one of the greatest figures among designer today.

Princeton Architectural Press published his seventy-nine short essays on design. The collection of these essays is a great work of the Michael Beirut with graphic extravaganza. Different typefaces ranging from Bembo to Flame are set in these essays. We know that computers include more than 100 English languages fonts with families. Bold, italic, bold italic and semi bold italic fonts weights are found there.

Once Beirut was appointed as chair of the judges at the American Center for Design 100 show in 1992; that time Beirut was confused about the graphic design of others and his own way of graphic design. He looked many graphic design works and felt problem to think clearly. It was his responsibility to design the poster. Michael Beirut put all his anxiety and concentration on this work. He came across different ideas to complete this work but could not complete it. However this work encouraged him to think more to produce a creative work that was more embarrassing. Michael Beirut was assigned the work to complete it in a nonexistent design. He sent a stream of realization rage that came out of his mind. He was asked to write all the statements on front side of poster. On that occasion selection of typeface was a serious problem for him. Elizabeth was his daughter 4 and half years old who assisted her father. She could not read but did know her alphabet. Beirut dictated the text to her letter by letter. Now Elizabeth is Graduate from Swarthmore College now but she did know how she helped her father to write a poster.
Typefaces are better ways of communication to abolish the racism. Pictorial images and abstract shapes based works empower the women. Logos designed show us the history and are symbols of peace. Bold sans serif typeface shows us empowering the women and eliminating the racism.

According the Michael Beirut most important element of typeface is the massive lower case x-height. He has also mentioned about the methods of analysis which are static but inadequate for fluid types. Because the properties of static type typography are different from the fluid type; therefore static definitions of typography are exposed increasingly. The graphic design work develops the new trends in graphic design that wins the competitions and institutions like AIGA, Print and New York Type Directors Club are working to determine the fame and fortune of graphic designers. Michael Beirut has advised the young designers to adopt modern technique to win these competitions. Michael Beirut being the president of AIGA intends and explores the ways to affect the designing world with new graphic design techniques of designers. Michael Beirut brought the idea of the printed communication and its hook is obscured with typography. He was designer of BAM when he used metaphor and letter emerged over a series of horizontal brands in graphic designing. According to Michael Beirut the best thing he learnt is that designers are interested in their graphic design work. Decorative aspect of the graphic design is seen through the ideological points of view. He possessed this quality because he used Garamond 3, Futura, Bondoni, Helvetica and Century typefaces in his most of work at Vignelti Associates. At that time good designers gave attention to these typefaces and putting page numbers at very cool places.

Michael Beirut has said that a relationship with client is very reciprocal and prolific. A team of designers? works together when trust between the client and a designer is built. Each member in designer?s team is free to work that he or she is interested. He says ?It is a client?s business to know his business?. He declares the designers? fault when he fails to produce design work according to requirements of the client. Design work takes years to understand the tools of designing, skills to master the discriminating eye, choice of color types and other design work elements.

In this paper we have discussed about the life of the Michael Beirut very shortly. Our focus has been on the typefaces and design theories. Michael Beirut?s work is highlighted as he did for the different institutions. His techniques about the design work are also embedded in given theories in the end of the paper. We have also made use of different typefaces for his different design work.


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