Free Intrinsic Motivation Undermining Factors Essay Sample

1. Explain how people can undermine either theirs or others' intrinsic motivation to participate in certain activities.

Intrinsic motivation is a situation where a person does something because he/she only feels like doing it, this type of motivation arises from within. At activity is done be because you enjoy it and not expecting anything in return. Education for example, a student can enjoy doing a given subject and concentrate on it quite so much. The fact is that the student does not expect anything. In a given course, students who are interested in a given subject lack facilities to use in making the subject a success, students who were intrinsically motivated will not continue struggling with the subject with such nasty conditions. Despite the fact that the student enjoyed the subject not necessarily for competition, he/she has been forced to engage him/herself in other things. In addition, if the student does not realize inherent satisfaction, then they are unlikely to persist at it. Furthermore, the student will concentrate on other activities if he/she does not achieve what he/she wanted due to competition reasons. That is, the student enjoys doing the subject but does not perform as it is expected. To overcome this, a reward should de given so as to make them struggle harder thus achieving both enjoyment and rewards.

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2. Explain how hunger and eating can be explained by biological, psychological and social sources of motivation.

Psychologically, it has been usual that Kelvin listen to a given song when he is eating. The song is normally played at his favorite station. it has been happening for quite sometime to an extend that he associate eating with the song. One day he went on a trip and forgot to take for with him. As he was walking, he heard the song and suddenly, recalled the food he had been eating. At that moment he felt hungry.

Biologically, in order to feel hungry, we have to eat so that the level of insulin will increase.  It is when insulin increase that we feel hungry.  On the other hand, hunger is triggered by fatty acids. Our bodies are made up of receptors which are meant to detect an increase in the level of fatty acids. When a person sees some food on the table insulin in the body is released which therefore increase thus triggering hunger.  After eating, insulin level will be reduce, thus satisfaction.

Socially, when a person is with a given group he feels more hunger than when with a different group. The same case applies when eating; one is motivated by a group to eat than another.


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