Free National Identity in Writing Essay Sample

How we construct our national identity through writing

Writing is an art of communication that has existed since ancient times and was a very imperative mode of transmitting information across generations. This has trickled down, and writing still remains a favored way of informing the present and future generations about the past. A nation’s identity is also vital to its citizens as it gives some sense of recognition as a unity bounds people. Writing has continued to play a great role in ensuring that a country maintains its identity in different aspects:

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Newspapers have been used to pass across information for quite a long time. They are used to deliver important issues affecting both the nation and its citizens to the masses and therefore keeping them abreast with national matters.

Gazette notices are also used to disseminate relevant information that continues to build on the nation’s identity to its citizens. They also give desired information with guidelines on the nation’s culture and traditions with different national aspects.

Research papers by professionals who carry out research study across the nation bring out the finest details about the situation at base level. These details when compiled together to construct the national identity.

How we construct our national identity if not through writing

Despite the immense contribution to developing the national identity that has been done by writing, there are other means through which a nation’s identity can be constructed. Academic centers that are used by all citizens in a nation provide an axial position to bring together different people from different backgrounds which help to encourage a harmonious co-existence of these societies. This unity enables the students to learn about other cultures and, by so doing, it promotes the nation’s identity.

National forums organized to discuss national issues help to inform the participants of the emerging issues that affect the nation about the best way to work round them. This comes up with populist decision making system which defines a nation’s identity.

Politics is known to elicit mixed reactions whenever the topic is up for discussion. It, however, encourages healthy discussions that aim at formulating policies which are meant to steer national growth. These policies characterize aspects of national identity and must be complied with in implementation of relevant policies.


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