Free Negotiation Paradigms Essay Sample

This is a research paper on negotiation paradigms. Paradigm is a generally acceptable set of ideas, concepts and morals which aid in settling disputes intellectually (Your Dictionary, 2010). Paradigms are either integrative or distributive. Negotiations are carried out formally or informally. This research paper will consider the differences in the two paradigms, when and how they are applied. It will also pay attention to the components of and issues related to negotiation. It will briefly describe a conflict which deserves negotiations and explain the significance of negotiations in the context of the conflict. Consequently, it will recommend the negotiation paradigm to be applied and henceforth justify the choice of the paradigm.

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In integrative paradigm; the disputants collaborate to find a solution to their dispute and the agreement reached is mutually beneficial to both. It is applied when the resource in dispute is flexible (Spangler, 2003). In distributive paradigm; any disputant strives to defend his own goals and completely disown his opponent's interest. It is about taking all or losing all in a dispute. It is applicable when the resource in dispute is fixed (Spangler, 2003).

At the time of his death, Dr. Johnson had not formalized his will. Two women are now in conflict over the estate considering that one is legally married to Johnson but is childless while the other is not legally married but had two children with Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson had been taking care of the two children. This necessitates a negotiation paradigm as the owner has not expressed his will on how the estate should be administered. A formal negotiation is applicable as both women have reasonable interests and are in a relationship that qualifies them for the estate. The integrative negotiation paradigm is recommended in this case. This is because the legal wife is entitled to the estate by the law while the other woman is entitled to the estate courtesy of the children. Hence, the interests of both women and the children must be considered and may require a professional negotiator to reach a beneficial mutual agreement. This will help in maintaining peaceful cohabitation of the two families, fair control of the estate and wellbeing of all. Distributive paradigm is not relevant in this case.


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