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A welfare state in the government is a concept used to mean that the state amicably plays its major role of protecting and promoting the economic and social welfare of its citizens. It has its basis on the principle of opportunity equality, distribution of wealth equitably and the responsibility of the government to those poor members of the society and nation at large. This research is going to argue that the government does have a duty of helping those individuals in need because the effect of such governmental acts are empowering and perpetuating the dependency levels on these individuals (Barr 49).

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Libertarian has been defined as the "believer in liberty". Libertarians do believe in the fact that the individual's principles and choice must not be forced to things they don't want to and rejects use of fraud to compel others except when the situation does not give you any room to choose for instance, in response to fraud and or force. Libertarians want to help individuals to take more control of their own lives; they should be in a position to take the state and other self appointed legislative body of the society; out of their privately made decisions. There are many roots to this modern libertarianism. The oldest came from U.S.'s founding revolutionaries like Thomas Jefferson and Anti-Federalists in the minimal republicanism. In the 18th and 19th century, Adam Smith, John Mill and the classic liberals also had an influence on libertarianism. The philosophies of ethical egoism by Ayn Rand and the Austrian School of capitalist's free economic markets have been able to contribute important ideas. Libertarianism as a secular radicalism in the 20th century has been the only one that has not contributed to Marxism (Goodin 55-60).

Long ago, liberal and libertarianism were terms that were used interchangeably since they had the same meanings. In the 18th century, liberals was defined as individualists, distrustful of the state power, market free professionals and divergent to the ingrained civil liberties of the feudal and mercantilist systems. After 1870, the liberals were convinced to believe that the state is supposed to assure its citizen's social justice. Through this, they were able to forget about the freedom of the individuals especially regarding the freedom of economics. Nowadays all they do is spend most of their justifying the higher rates of taxes, growth of government and stipulation of more regulations. Libertarians have a name for this, socialism which they want no part of it  (Goodin 61-70).

In our contemporary society, libertarians have come to the conclusion that the government has been given the mandate to care for all needs of individuals in the country. When governments attend to the needs of their individuals, they have given them the ability to be fully independent and hence the citizens become empowered. The question arising from this scene is should the libertarians abolish the government for not caring for the people's needs?

Literature Review

This research focuses on the argument that arises among libertarians who want to know whether or not the government is really playing its role by taking care of the needs of the individuals. There are times when they wonder what would happen if they decide to evict the existing power out of office. A government like the United States is a bit had to overthrow overnight hence needs to be planned strategically to the last detail. Many authors have been able to come up with different views reflecting to libertarian and its importance in society. There are those groups who advocate for existence of a minimal state. They are called monarchists while those believing that aggressions ought to be countered without state are known as the anarcho capitalists. Many libertarian definitions have been given by many theorists, individuals, researchers and union groups. Social libertarians believe that liberty can be achieved best through large scale decentralization with the sole aim of empowering workers. By doing this, they will be eliminating the coercive states and private capitalists organization.

Research Methodology

In this argumentative research, much was collected through the use of primary data sources and secondary sources of data. An academic study that was conducted recently showed that, ironically, the worse government performance leads to more citizens demanding for greater government intervention. The author further said that in the societies where individuals do distrust the large institutions (government or huge business) demand for more regulations and government becomes higher even those times when the government is ineffectual or blatantly corrupt. Interviews carried out by different researchers to different libertarians showed that they all share the same view of wanting the government to fully engage itself in providing to its citizens their needs in full. Many of them talked with bitterness because they observed that the government has neglected other needs which are vital for their existence. Some few samples of questionnaires were distributed to individuals to give their view on whether or not they are satisfied with the service the government has so far given them. Surveys were also conducted on various parts of the country where individuals were so bitter with the government because most of them had never seen the assistance given to them by the government and yet they are all in the same country. The conclusion that the research came up with is the fact that the government was biased on how it gave needs to the citizens. The government needs to bear in mind the sensitive issues that involve the individuals if they want to have a government that is being supported by its citizen's (Kuhnle 200).

Libertarians are seen as welfare abolitionists states since they want to eliminate the government's 'safety net' role by not making it more efficient. Intellectuals in the libertarian camp like Friedman, Hayek and Buchanan had different opinions from Wilkinson who rightly points out that it might be the right time for libertarians to drop their radicalism and be real. The welfare state is an area that is apt in that, no one thinks that you should be legally required to assist your relatives financially to the extreme that even the parents that raise you are not included in the help bracket. Immigration in the welfare state has brought about the rationalization for undercutting the anti-poverty campaign. The poor people in the society have been helped by immigration unlike the welfare state which is all talk and no action (Goodin 71-75).

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Reasons why libertarians should not hate the government:


These people try giving the libertarians the ethical code stating that, "the end justifies the means," which has been used as an implicit slogan of the statism and oppression. Libertarians like to approach the government from a utilitarian viewpoint and not asking themselves whether the government projects violate the rights of individuals. They view it from the point of it working. The role of the government is to protect the rights of individuals. Anything funded through taxation which is a form of coercion should be dropped immediately since they have been made possible through right's violation. The fact that it has worked or not makes no difference since the means are geared to violating human rights thus is an implicit endorsement of slavery ethos. Libertarians forget that politics is an ethics subset thus ethics cannot be thrown aside and look at the consequences separately. Libertarians should always defend the free market capitalism on the ethical grounds. This kind of system rejects all kinds of criminal coercion and leaves the role of government as defending the rights of citizens (Kaplow and Shavell, 2002, 62).

Those who are unable to avail for themselves the minimal provisions of a good life if given assistance by the government by providing for them their basic needs, then they will be giving them power to work harder so as to be able to vend for them in the future. This act of providence is going to give them a chance to explore on their talents which are lying idle waiting to be nurtured fully. Empowering these individuals will mean that they will have the potential of making sound decisions that concern their lives and the country in general. They are then given the freedom of opinion and speech (to think as one wishes and feels like doing), the freedom for them to pursue their tastes and pursuits and the freedom of assembly which makes them share ideas and information (Purdy 120-125).

Perpetuating dependency levels

Individuals who are given assistance by the government once will be motivated to work harder and attain their own things because they also want to give a chance to other unprivileged members of their society. By so doing, they will be giving room for major developmental programs to take effect in the government and hence the government will not stop until all the citizens in the society have been served fully. This will promote equality in the government which fosters love, harmony and peace in the entire country (Palmer 452).

Libertarians then are showing the government that it has the best interests of the poor citizens at heart even when they are planning to overthrow the existing non-functional government. This paper has shown that by giving these members of society the needs required for one to survive brings about a strong government since the citizens are in support of the activities they are undertaking. This will also see to the increase of foreign investors due to the fact that the citizen's rights are not being violated (Atkinson 146).


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