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Response to the research question

The research question posed in Bees (1995) research entails establishing a suitable mode of study that can be adopted to suit the student's not interest in History class based on the teacher's personal experience, subject application, and efficacy of teaching. The study responds to the research question by providing feasible mechanisms that can be used in addressing the existing gaps leading to the shortage in relevant teaching skills. These skills specifically focus on improving individual focus on a certain group of students considered as being able to deliver even though little focus is given to address their concerns, which is essentially teacher oriented. Bees (1995) observes that "In this respect my action research will not only improve my own practice but also examine and develop ideas about education theory which could have a general relevance for teachers."

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Action plan proposed

The action plan proposed in the research study entails the following processes: identifying the concern of the classroom; identifying probable solutions for the research problem; identifying the type of evidence that will be collected to suit the solution; establishing a mode of understanding that can be reflected or incorporated in future practice; and identifying the mode of communication that will be used in making the claims public. This action fundamentally aims at getting all the relevant data needed for to address the research question, subjecting this data to significant analysis and reflection then providing action proposals for the problem.

Avenue for next steps

The research study has provided several avenues for next steps that are necessary in identifying the understanding of a student's perspective of issues, which have an impact on the subject being taught. First, the fact that the research primarily concentrates on the subject of History, this creates interest in the application of similar strategies in other core subjects of the curriculum. Secondly, Bees observes that he still expresses doubt regarding the impact the proposed strategies will have in Jon's performance. He objects, "I am still left in doubt that he will perform at his best in my subject in future". This creates an avenue for establishing the relative efficacy of the proposed methodologies on the student's performance level.

Relevance of diagnosis, direction and feedback to the nature/purpose of action research

The proposed diagnosis to the research study is relevant by virtue of the focus on the teacher's weaknesses as opposed to the assumption that the problem could be primarily centered on the student. Bees objects, "I feel that I have shown that there is a relationship between motivation and understanding". In addition the direction of the research is having a significant impact towards the meeting the initial objectives. Furthermore, through developing interactive sessions, the research was fundamentally able to address the real concerns affecting the student 'Jon'. It is also important to note that the feedback from the main study participant 'Jon' were elementally positive with regard to the strategies being implemented. In the last interview, he uses Jack Whitehead as an evaluation tool for his research. In the feedback Jack Whitehead affirms the researcher's speculations regarding the research adaptations. Students need to be given an opportunity to engage in open-ended and self motivated sessions accompanied with sufficient guidance and direction from their teachers.


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