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Research question is one most essential item that one must have in writing a research project. This question helps in the organization of one's topic under study. The question also helps one focus its investigation to the specific topic areas of study. Research question acts as a guide in every aspect of the research project like in the design of the study, in the process of collecting of data, in analyzing the data and even in the process of interpreting the results and discussion direction. Research question answers the questions into the inquiry. That is, it answers the question of "what do I need to learn from my topic?

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For example if one choose to study on the topic like the morality of immoral action. In such a question the researchers will be interested to see whether the results are from unethical actions. For example during the Second World War, the prisoners suffered greatly after the Nazi dictators ordered medical studies that were barbaric by being placed in the decompression chambers where they where their brains  dissected to determine how attitude is affected and how this also affects pilots .The research question also helps one in identifying the methodology that can be used in the study. Since the importance of the research question cannot be underestimated, it is therefore important that the question be accurately and clearly defined.

Research hypothesis is a statement that the researchers come up in the event that they are speculating upon the results of the research. This research hypothesis can be arrived in several ways . One of the ways in which the one can arrive at the hypothesis is through the inductive reasoning. This is where through observations that is seen to be leading to the formation of a theory researchers can arrive at hypothesis that can be tested and is realistic. Always in any research project, the research question is the precursor to the hypothesis .For a hypothesis to be valid, all the statements must be acceptable giving the researcher the chance to focus on coming up with research experiment.

Since science then to always makes things formal, this is done be by use of the "if" statement in trying to find the effects of changing or manipulating one variable for other  however some give perfectly the same results making it acceptable. A hypothesis in this case should contain the prediction statement. It should be noted that when testing the hypothesis one should be keen to put into account the current information and the techniques used to a certain whether they are realistic. Hypothesis should be verifiable by both analytical means and statistical means too. All these are part of the entire process of verification or falsification. Lastly it is worth noting that hypothesis is never proved but supported or verified.   Observation is the method that I would choose. This is because is an experimental kind of research methodology. Observation is a science that involves use of research techniques that are observational in nature. This method has many positive aspects. For instance observations are flexible as they do not require one to remember the hypothesis of what you intend to observe.

It is also considered to have very strong validity due to the research findings made through observational means as the researcher gets detailed information of a certain behavior. However observation is not reliable as it cannot be generalized since observations are only unique population and cannot be used for another group of people.

There are some of the specific factors that make me like this kind of research. For if the topic you are researching on is sensitive, observation can give more reliable information. This is because if the people are not willing and not comfortable answering questions on prejudice. The researcher will simply observe the interaction between the white and black people and gets his or her findings.

The other issue why observation is better is because you get what is relevant for your study. However attitudes are never seen. Reliability is the other aspect that makes observation a better option for conducting research. This is because of a lot of time that is put in the entire observation period.

There are a number of ethical issues that arise in the process of taking research findings during observation. The cardinal question in contention is whether it is acceptable for to carry out an observation on people without their permission or without their knowledge? According to the British Society Code of Conduct and Ethical principles, research that is observational in nature can only be allowed if the people to be observed are aware that they are going to be observed by strangers. During the observation care should be taken to avoid intruding the privacy of the persons who even in the normal public space think they are unobserved.

The other ethical aspect of observational findings research is whether or not the research carried out are aimed at meeting the scientific research requirement. Many researchers tend to commit serious deviation for the core of the research making it unethical. In order to remain relevant in the research world researchers commit themselves to first-hand research through exploration. It is however unethical if they do not reveal the purpose of the research to the people being research on.

Psychologists who do research do not rush over to make conclusions without going through the required steps. These steps include the formulation of the hypothesis statement. This statement gives general predictions that can be supported. The next step is to come up with the research method like the experimental or the descriptive. There is also going through of the data and whether the data could support the hypothesis. The researcher then makes the conclusions and come out of the study.

If given a chance to carry out a research. I would choose to make inquiry into the morality of immoral action. I would try and find out why some think its okay to take someone property without permission. Some people think and believe there is nothing like theft. The reason why they define theft as basically making good use of the opportunity that present itself to perform the act of taking without permission.


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