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Racial Profiling and Perceptions "imagined Community' Community Fighting a Virtual Muslim 'War on Terror'

Numerous researchers have already subjected the modern day fundamental topic of racial profiling under the lens of the American community. Anderson's concept of an 'imagined' community' provides an adequate background for establishing a critical analysis for understanding the impending immigration issues based on religion. Chavez successfully establishes the relationship between the 'imagined community' focusing on element of 'strangers' entering a new community, where their experiences fundamentally change them.

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Evidence revealed from significant research findings by Nayak and O'Riley serve to illustrate the impending status quo of the agenda of racial profiling affecting Muslims in the context of the American war on terror. These studies essentially provide a logical framework for understanding some of the most critical cultural and religious factors leading to the negative social labeling of the Muslim community. These sentiments match views of Chavez and Anderson as analytical instruments in revealing the contemporary trends of racial profiling of Muslims.

However, there is still need to identify how strategies of the 'imagined community' lead to the emancipation of the racial profiling of Muslims in the American context. In respect to this, the research question will be: How has racial profiling affected the perception of the Muslim followers in the launch of the 'War on Terror'?  To cover the key points, this will involve textual analysis of literary material such as individual testimonies of Arar, Maddy, Begg and Brittain. This will entail presenting evidence of the testimonies and key concepts from O'Riley, Chavez, and Nayak.


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