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Radioactive exposure may possibly take place if radioactive materials are introduced within the atmosphere. This introduction may possibly be due to an act of terrorism. Also, it may perhaps be as a result of a natural occurrence and owing to an accident. The materials (radioactive materials) emit a type of force/energy which moves in particles. The emitted energy is usually referred to as radiation. If a certain individual is exposed to radioactive materials, the energy (in the radioactive materials) enters the body.

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There are several methods that may possibly be employed in order to decontaminate victims of radioactive exposure. In case of an external contamination, a mildest solution of soap and water ought to be prepared. Subsequently, the contaminated body part ought to be cleansed with the aid of an unsoiled gauze sponge. The washed part should then be dried using an absorbent material which must be disposed off immediately. Afterward, it (the contaminated part) should be re-reviewed. This stage is aimed at verifying the efficiency of the process (decontamination process).

Internal radioactive exposure decontamination is usually tricky to perform. This is due to the fact that the particles have already permeated the coating of the skin which defends it (the skin). The positioning of the contaminants relies on two factors. One is the chemical composition of the radioactive material. The second factor is the biological distribution of the material. Therefore, a systematic understanding of means of improving discharge of the radioactive particles is crucial.

Several methods of internal decontamination are available. One, 10 drops of higher concentrations of KI (Potassium Iodide) within a glass of juice should be administered to the victim. Next, 3 drops of the solution should be administered to the victim for a period of 3 days. Two, bone marrow transplant should be performed on the victim. This transplant should only be performed on victims who have been exposed to huge amounts of radioactive materials. Three, a solution of Tritium can also be used to decontaminate a victim of radioactive exposure. This solution is easily sopped up via the uncontaminated part of the body. Normally, the destructive fluid is substituted and this process is followed by diuresis.

Four, Strontium solution can also be used to save the life of a victim. However, this solution is absorbed by the bones. Subsequently, it is integrated inside the bone matrix. Therefore, care should be taken to avert this potential crisis by giving the patient Calcium solution. Calcium solution facilitates the discharge of Strontium via the kidneys.

Five, if the radiations of Alpha dischargers are inhaled by a victim, a lung condition which is known as pulmonary fibrosis is likely to occur. In order to decontaminate the victim, bronchial lavage method should be utilized. However, this method of decontamination should only be employed if the victim has inhaled large proportions of the contaminants. This is due to the fact that it has a higher likelihood of causing considerable pain of bronchial lining.


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