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Free The American Woman Essay Sample

The interaction between the two genders in public places especially in the public or the work station usually raises a lot to do with gender characters. This paper looks at the character and the behavior that comes with the American woman in the job stations and in the public places. The paper focuses more on the reasons to their behavior and what makes them to be different from the men.

The American woman behavior in public has and is still a key issue of concern to sociologists. Generally most of the women in politics or in any job set up tend to behave in a very assertive manner. This is contrary to their male counterparts who seem to be more composed and attend to issues in a calmer manner.

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The assertive approach by women in the job set up or public places is attributed to the keen as they attach to a lot of importance their image. They do believe that being assertive will make them gain the confidence of whoever is around and hence believe on their perspective of looking at various issues that they handle. While men are sure of their confidence of those close to them in the public places in whatever they are doing, women feel they have to do this to show that they can also deliver and do away with the notion that they are a weaker sex.

The use of language in the public interactions is quite different between these two sexes. While women tend to use formal language in public, men are likely to change to a level of insulting especially when the topic in question turns out to be "hot". This, according to Deborah Tannen, explains why most men would prefer in engaging in debates while the women would prefer in open ended discussions.

The different styles of behavior exhibited by the women have affected their shots even on the leadership and political circles. Since most women for instance are not comfortable participating in debates and argumentative forums they are left to run for high class but low profile (no noise) jobs. There nature isn't favorable for them to participate in political matters as this involves discussions that are argumentative in nature.

Women in the foraging society had their power derived from the nature of their duties. While men hunted, the most important thing to have happened was not just the hunting but the preparation of the food after hunting. While most of the time the men were away hunting, it is the women who remained behind with the rest of the family and kept everything running. This naturally gave women a say over the family by way of influence. As much as there could be specialization in terms of at that time, researchers (archeologists) argue that there's likely to have some form of equality where men and women shared roles e.g. the use of tools for agriculture.

Self sacrifice entails doing away with what has been traditionally pat of you in way of change of behavior or course. With change in the conditions surrounding them, men and women have got no option but to live by the conditions dictated by their environment hence change in lifestyle. This change in the surroundings and other conditions has forced men and women to move out of their gender based cocoons.

Ideally, the pre-agricultural period had a lot of flaws in terms of duty allocation to both men and women due to their biological makeup. While the man has got the muscles to do the heavy lots of work, the women were to shoulder the burden of doing most of the works.


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