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Currently student submits hard-copy of filled application form to the school and the office staff enters all data into excel file and write some in manual register.

Proposed on-line student registration system will eliminate all the manual intervention and increase the speed of whole process. The system will capture information about students, parents, payment received and associated reports. The system will allow the student information to be filled on-line, the system has inbuilt validation system to validate the entered data. The system will be used for computerized managing of students profile information and fees payment.

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After successful submission the system will give a confirmation message; calculate fees balance and give a feedback. The stored information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be searched and reports can be easily generated.

The principal or the secretary can print a report on each student information or collective information about all students.

Most academic institutions whether located in most parts of major towns or minor towns face administration challenges. It has an enrollment of over one thousand students and comprises of four streams per class. The school admits the form one students yearly and also prepares an intake for the students to occupy other classes termly.

The admission process involves submitting a filled form to the clerk who verifies the details , fills another manual register, types the information in an excel file and finally files the filled form in the spring file and stores in the cabinet files.

Fee is paid during the admission of the student. The clerk fills the student details in the ledger book, payment is given to the clerk and a receipt is issued indicating the balance. The payment details are entered in the ledger book with the balance being indicated.

It has an administration structure which comprises the Board of Governors (B.O.G), the principal, teachers, Non teaching staff, and the students. The B.O.G is the overall management body of the school and it dispenses its services based on the report produced from the school departments.

These reports comprise the student admissions, fees payment reports and balances and updating the student records. Since the students are the main stakeholders and the school finances are as a result of student fees payment, the student records storage and retrieval is paramount.

In the process of record keeping in the manual system

The main problem related with manual system is concerned with management of files and records. The need for structured storage, modification and maintenance of huge amounts of data for students has resulted in propelling me to embark in developing this system for most institutions. The system is aimed at providing a managing tool for maintaining the student data, ensuring fast search for specific records, providing summarized reports and ensuring backups for student records. 

The purpose of implementing this project is to develop a system that is used in a real time scenario and to implement a fully functional database system which interacts with a front end interface, providing information security, accuracy, fast access time, organized storage of data and maintaining backups.

The main aim of the project is to enable the user, register new student, payment of fees will be tracked here, edit and view student profile, produce reports on student information and maintain backups , using a web based interface to interact with the back end keeping in mind the data consistency and the stability of the entire system .The limitations to the development of this system are time, funding is inadequate and cooperation between the users and the administration in giving important information.

The capability of information systems in automating human work which would otherwise seem to be tiresome and cumbersome has greatly positively influenced productivity and efficiency in our daily performance at work. The student registration system once implemented will have the following merits;

It will enable on-line posting of student information to the database. It will enhance capabilities such as report generation. It will provide backups. It will be easier and faster to access files. It will enhance privacy to student data. It's less prone to human errors. It will provide high level of security to information as anyone accessing it must use the passwords.

Based upon the experiences of the manual registration process, a user-friendly interface program (front-end) will be written, which would display the equivalent of the original paper registration form. The student data would be retrieved from an information store, in the database.

  • To develop an on-line student registration system that will capture the student information such as; Student names. Student admission numbers, Class level, Date of Birth, Home place, Parents name. Parents contact, Fees payment receipt, Fees payment mode (cash or cheque).
  • To develop an on-line database that will be able receive information from a registration interface and provide storage, provide easier search for specific and collective information.
  • To develop a system that will be able to produce reports on a real time scenario.
  • To develop a system that will provide total security to student data through the use of authentication passwords and maintain accuracy of the stored data through updating and editing.
  • To develop a system that will be able to provide data backup for daily student registration or in case of updating and editing.

There are several instances of automated student registration system especially in most of the higher learning institutions within the country and outside the country. This section looks into various examples of Student registration system that have been previously developed.  This shows how they were designed and how they worked after being implemented.

Below are some of the citations.

According to, Tolstoy Newtonraja and Aditya Nafde, University of Florida, developed an Online Student Registration Systemsaid," The need for structured storage, modification and maintenance of huge amounts of data has resulted in the development of registration system that is aimed to provide a managing tool for maintaining the data, through various data models  ".

An Online Student Registration system for University of Florida was developed with a front-end web interface and a back-end database. The database system that was used for the back-end was either Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Access. Any web server could be chosen for the front end such as Tomcat, Glassfish, etc. Any server side language can be chosen such as PHP, ASP, etc.

Functionalities a Student can Perform in this System

  1. Can edit his profile data i.e. address/homepage/email id information and update.
  2. Register a course
  3. Constraints checked here include
  4. MAX courses registered.
  5. Course previously not registered,
  6. Drop course option is provided on this page
  7. Can view additional information about the courses he has taken.
  8. Can view textbook information of the courses department wise.
  9. Can view courses with prerequisite information
  10. Can view the list of courses using the department and instructor parameters.
  11. Can view the list of courses using the day and period parameters.
  12. Can view courses previously taken along with grades information.

Functionalities an Administrator can Implement in the System

  • Can view / edit profile information and also update.
  • Can edit Course details - Details such as Seats left - to increase or decrease the capacity of the course (seats cannot be more than class capacity)
  • Can add a new course to the database under his profile and department.
  • The input parameters in the form are checked for valid input data before updating the database.
  • Conflicts with the instructor's schedule as well as conflicts in timing with other courses in the same classroom are checked.
  • Can view classroom availability as well as maximum capacity of classroom when course
  • Information is updated or new classroom is added
  • Instructor can view info of all the students registered in the courses he/she is handling.

According to, M. C. Little, S. M. Wheatear, D. B. Ingham,  Department of Computing Science, Newcastle University, developed ,University Student Registration System,said,"  Prior to 1994, student registration at Newcastle University was done manually in An application form and later transferred to a computerized format which was tiresome and cumbersome".

A Student Registration Process Summarized 

The front-end workstations run a program which presents the user with a form to be completed on behalf of a student. The initial data for this form is loaded from the registration database, if such data already exists within the system, or a new blank form is presented in the case of students not previously known to the system. The form consists of a variety of fields, some of which are editable as pure text, some of which are filled from menus, and some of which are provided purely for information and are not alterable by the user.

A Registration Activity Consists of the Following Operations

  1. Either opening (asking to retrieve) the record, or creating a new record.
  2. Displaying the record on the screen of the front-end system.
  3. Either closing it unmodified, or storing the record in the database.

Any such activity is executed as an atomic action.

Read: retrieves an existing record from the database, in read-only mode. This operation is typically used by the swipe-stations, and does not allow modification of the record.


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