Free The Place of Technology in Marketing Essay Sample

Qualitative data would be essential in providing answers to the research question. The role that has been performed by technology in various marketing processes would be sought in the data collection procedures. The specific marketing processes like advertising where technology has been incorporated would be analyzed in the research. The improvements or results that have been brought about by technology would also be captured in the research. Quantitative data would also be incorporated in the study. For instance in determining the proportion of firms or areas where technology has been used, this quantitative data would be very important in making conclusions. Quantitative data would also be necessary in determining the results that have been achieved in the process of using technology in marketing. The costs of using technology would also be computed using quantitative data.

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The choice of questionnaire

There are fundamental aspects that were considered before arriving at the questionnaire as the most appropriate tool in the research for collecting raw data. This tool was considered to be very objective and would capture all the necessary variables in the research. This method is also easy to construct and administer to the participants. The questionnaires would also reach out to a wider sample even in the remote areas where the researcher would not reach. This can be achieved through technology such as the internet. The choice of the method was also influenced by the fact that it would be suitable for obtaining independent thoughts and opinions of the participants. Extraction of data from questionnaires would also be easy during analysis and can involve the use of software's to make the process efficient and effective.

Design of the questionnaire

The questionnaire would be designed in such a way that it will be able to capture all the elements required in the objectives. It will not be too short nor too long. The basic information of the participants would be captured on the front.  The names of participants would be an optional feature. The questionnaire would have straight forward questions that would be numbered. The participants would be required to fill in the blank spaces or tick on the appropriate answers as guided by the various choices in the boxes. The language of the questionnaire shall be very simple and objective so as to collect all the necessary data from the sample population. All the questions would follow the same wording so as to elicit same responses from all the participants. The questions would also have clear definitions so as to get the right response from the participants. The response pattern of the questions shall be simple to allow the participants to respond to the questions as fast as possible.

Administration of the Questionnaire

The questionnaires would be hand delivered to the participants to emphasize on their significance to the research process. The questionnaire shall be administered in the convenience of the respondents so as to avoid interfering with the responses. The respondents have to be willing to participate in the research by completing the questionnaires. The participants would be given adequate time to allow them complete the questionnaires. After the expiry of the time, all the questionnaires would be collected and checked by the researcher. Questionnaires shall be given in person to the participants to make them responsible for their questionnaire and prevent losses.


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