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Free The Probation and Parole Essay Sample

Probationers have diminishing expectation of privacy to allow their probation officers or supervisors access their houses or private property upon reasonable suspicion of criminal activities. This is just to ensure the system does not fail in its core task of having the probationers abide by the law and not cause any harm to other members of the community. I agree with this practice as long as the probationers are fully aware for what the procedure serves and the officers follow the law without any malice. It is wrong for officers to carry out unreasonable inspections and cause scenes when the probationers are trying to regain confidence of their neighbors. This might delay or totally ruin chances of the community reabsorbing the probationers.

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I think plea bargaining is a loophole in the court system. It has an advantage of the suspect avoiding the doubt of occurrence of a criminal trial and also saves the courtrooms from case congestions, which leave the government prosecutor with more time to focus on other cases. The weakness lies in the possibility of innocent victims getting scared and opting for the same due to the possibility of a criminal trial that may expose them to harsher sentences. The process should be done away with because some of the police officers/justice officials can maliciously use the system to coerce suspects based on their insurable interests in the case. The suspects can also use it to protect the real criminals out of a pre-existing relationship that may be beneficial or intimidation oriented.

We should change the way we treat juvenile offenders. There is a development of a clique of juvenile offenders who engage in criminal activities while knowing the worst outcome will make them famous positively or negatively. There has to be a limit in number of times an offender is judged under the juvenile system and also in the type of offence before they are subjected to the adult system, irrespective of their age. Criminal offence cases must be given the fewest number of limits.


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