Free The Use of Animals in Research Essay Sample

The dehumanizing exposure of animal to laboratory research has created a lot of disorders. This is contrary to the need to better the conditions for the existence of such animals. This has resulted in animals with so many disorders such as respiratory diseases that could have been avoided. While trying to protect the rights of Humans emphasis should be put that even animals too have rights.This has prompted me to try and look at a case study that would unearth more about the cruelty that the animals that go through such processes pass through.

The disorders that characterize the animals today are mainly caused by humans. This comes in way of scientific researches such as the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. This problem has extended to a level that it threatens the existence of animals with their natural physical features.

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Background to the problem

The use of animals in research has raised a lot of issues to do with ethical considerations and the rights of such animals. In this paper, this argument is well brought out by rounding down to the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Technology. This is mainly on the biological effects of the process that is Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Technology. This proposal is based on the observable characteristics of the victims of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer.

This paper argues that while Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer was found not to be good to be used on humans, the same technology is not viable to be used on animals and hence should be outlawed.

The development of the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Technology is the epitome of a wide range of violations of the rights of the animals. While the use of such technology is not permitted on humans its use on animals is a contravention of the rights of the animals. This is of course one of the most cruel ways of treating our animals.

The first victim of the process, Dolly the sheep had to go through a series of problems. The use of old mature cells resulted in the fast rate of aging of the product of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Technology. This denies the animal the right to live for a longer period of time. The application of this process to animals has resulted to a lot of genetic complications other than the reduction of the life expectancy.

The process results in the development of respiratory diseases. These diseases could have been avoided if the normal reproduction process was allowed to take place. It is of no coincidence that the first successful victim of the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer- Dolly, the sheep had to loose her life due these respiratory disease.

The identity of the animal put in the laboratory research is not put into positive consideration. This is due to the duplication of identity from the parent animal to the resultant product. The product of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer will always be a duplicate of the parent.

The right to reproduction is infringed when an artificial type of reproduction is used in the SCNT. The process is done using the cells from one animal alone. This raises the aspect of what happens with the need for having the male and the female species of animals.

Expected Results

The use of animals for laboratory tests processes such as Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer results to a total infringement of the rights of the animals. This cruelty rises from aspects to do with, Health, Identity and general lifestyle. As such I would recommend that Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer be banned in bid to avoid the cruelty that the animals that are victimized go through.


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