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Free Theory of Ego Development Essay Sample

The case study uses views of Theory of Ego Development by Jane Loevinger

Young adults are more sensitive to esteem needs. They discover themselves through conducting a personal examination. They recognize and, learn to appreciate their limits and, shortcomings. At first, young adults seeks recognition from others, and also tries to please them. Young adults seek acceptance socially and require a sense of belonging.

In this story, a 15-year-old boy takes his father’s car to take his friends to a party in his father’s absence. The boy has no permission from his father and, minors do not drive without supervision of an adult. Since he wants to please his friends, he risks the wrath of his father upon learning of this act. The boy receives punishment from his father and fortunately he accepts his mistake positively.

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Young adults try to balance achieving their set goals and self improvement. They rarely put into consideration whether their actions are right or wrong. Instead, they consider the appropriateness of their acts. The young boy risks punishment from his father as a result of disobeying him. Although his actions are wrong, he prefers to please his friends in order to gain recognition and acceptance. Also, they dislike responsibilities and, value personal achievements significantly. The ability to recognize possible options in the face of a challenge helps them to make a reasonable decision.

Young adults develop a conscience that helps them recognize the consequences or rewards for their acts. The boy is more conscious and sensitive to the treatment that he or she gives and, gets from others. Positive and appreciative treatment raises the personal ego.


The need for young people to have a sense of belonging and social acceptance helps them to develop tolerance for others and, for themselves. They can also differentiate between appearance and, reality thus making positive and, firm decisions. The treatment that they receive from others may have positive or negative effects on their ego.


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