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Of all the supernatural tales, titanic is perhaps the best ever documented in the world, the devastating and the one of the most hard to explain. It is a story that many people all over the world have desired to establish it origin and learn more about. This discuss will look at titanic the movie and titanic one of the largest and most luxurious ship in the world. It is reported in many researches and reports about the tragic ship accident that many passengers all over the world marveled at the design, the luxury and comfort as well as the special attributes of the great unsinkable titanic massive ship. During the titanic maiden and the only journey, the popular and experienced titanic crew was alerted in several occasions about the huge iceberg in the region by other ships that had sailed through this location. Even with the anticipated danger of sailing through such huge icebergs, the titanic ship was sailing at approximately to speed almost 20.5 knots. It is believed that this high speed could have contributed to the fateful tragedy of the great titanic. The British White Star line owned the titanic ship and it flew the popular British flag. The ship was under the regulation and was controlled by the British government. She was made to carry a maximum capacity of 42 lifeboats.

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Titanic ship

According to Daniel Harmon titanic is one of the popular and most enduring and fascinating life time stories. Titanic is a subject of fascination for several people around the globe mainly because of the nature of the titanic tale itself. The world's most famous and largest ship, on its maiden journey and ferrying most of the world's richest individuals has a serious accident on first sail with a catastrophic life loss.

Many lives were lost amid the low social economic class people on the ship, majority of them traveling to the new regions of the world to search for advance opportunities for their own benefits and families welfare. If titanic story was to be told as a work of fiction, many people would find it difficult to believe that such a fatal tragedy could occur.

Insides that rope of wider tale there are threads of minor tale which join together to generate a fascinating story. There are tales of cowardice, heroism, tragedy and leadership. There are varies reasons why many people are attracted to titanic story and thrive to dig out for more and more facts about why and how titanic was created, the pioneering engineering, the complexities of her voyage and lethal mistakes which in retrospection a ear so fundamental. Many people will be amazed of facts on creation of titanic, while other will be more curious tales of the people sailed on titanic. Most people are put under the spell by the discovery of the shipwreck and the archaeological findings which have been retrieved.

Titanic history has fascinated the world more than any other story of shipwreck known to humanity. Several books, movies and articles have been written in details about the tragedy of the  RMS titanic. The 950s story of sinking of titanic ship ' a memorable night' and most recent films have been very common. The 1997 box office titanic hit by James Cameron was the most popular with viewers that it flourished in breaking various box office sales records. The general public a ears to be incapable of forgetting the catastrophic titanic history. A number of legends and myths have been created over years later after the titanic ship sinking on 15th April 1912. Some of such myths hold some truth while others have just been created from the imaginations and illusions of some people who are obsessed with titanic history.

Partly, some of the stories concerning the history of titanic can be derived from the stories spun by the approximately 705 survivors. Many people have speculated different survivors   record their own personal story. The popularly known 'unsinkable' Molly Brown is  one of the surviving passengers  who is thought to have contributed enormously to the tales of titanic tragedy. When the list of names of the several popular first class sailor or passengers lost in the titanic ship wreck was revealed, the globe astounded that a number of notable figures could die in just a single day tragedy. Additionally, immigrants who survived ship sinking are currently known all over the world for the strong part they performed in the catastrophic history of great titanic. Inferior and confined to the steerage of this ship wreck, these people were only yearning for advanced living standards for their families and themselves. Instead, they achieved an immortal position in the history of titanic.

The history of titanic buffs is somewhat staunch in their commitment to conserving the truth concerning the titanic ship history. At the release of 'Titanic' in 1997 December, movie goers clustered the theaters to discover the tragedy and the beauty of the unfortunate ship shown on the big media screen.  Several people who consider themselves titanic history experts were not very much impressed with numerous errors revealed within the films. Regardless, James Cameron's devotion to filming the most accurate kind of titanic history accident, the movie or film nevertheless revealed some mistakes. Most of these errors had to be embraced in the film to promote suspense and enjoyment of the movie by the in viewers. While others are just issues that had been rejected or ignored during the creation of the movie.

The memorable history of titanic ship continues to be one of the most prominent topics in the globe till present. An insatiable thrives for additional information concerning the titanic history prompted numerous researches to investigate the exact place of wreckage location for many years. When the ship titanic wreckage site was finally established in 1985, the globe got the first discovery and view of ship in a period of more than approximately sixty years. The fateful sinking of the great titanic ship and history of both the survivors and those who lost their life in the tragedy will forever be recalled with sadness and nostalgia.

Titanic features and design

The design of titanic ship and the construction features opulence and luxury. There was a lending library, a telephone system, and a sophisticated barber shop on the titanic ship. The minority u er class chamber mostly occupied by the economically stable passengers, had a gymnasium, swimming pool, a squash court, electric bath, Turkish bath and well built veranda cafe.  The first class shared rooms were decorated with wood ornate paneling and durable teak furniture’s as well as other adornment. The third class public rooms have sturdy teak furnishings and a pine paneling.  Similarly, the person cafe only offered cuisines for the passengers in the first class chamber.

Titanic s hip combined technologically improved features for the time, including one electric lift and three electric lifts for the second class and first class respectively. Titanic ship had also huge electrical system operated by steam powered generators, two Marconi radios and ship wide connections for electric lights. About five thousand watt fitted on the ship was managed by two popular Marconi company mechanist operating in shifts receiving and sending sailors’ information.

The Titanic Story

The story is told by majority of survivors who claim to have witnessed the whole episode and can recall all the tragic happenings of the day. They recorded that on that unfortunate night of 14th April 1912 there were approximately 2,235 souls assembled aboard the popular R.M.S. Titanic. The weather was clear; there was no any sign of wind. The glacial, dark ocean waters were calm, just like a plate glass reflection below the star-spangled paradise. It was an nearly an hour to midnight on a glittery, moonless evening. While the usual band performed  on below the decks in the upper class lounge,  and as  the night watch slowly paced the passage high above, the most popular maritime misfortune in the rich history of sailing, silently stealthily, awaited the passengers in the ice-strewn twelve o'clock waters of the great North Atlantic.

As Pipe recalls, those who survived the tragedy remembered a gentle tremor that quickly shook the estimated 900 foot long vessel. It happened and disappeared so abruptly that no one gave it allot of attention it deserved. Apart from for those in the Bridge–who in the moment of seconds towards that collision, only observed the towering iceberg in front, floating in their clear route. The helmsman diverged to escape the iceberg, but it would have been more comfortable for them to have hit it head on or directly. In that unfortunate escaping of direct head-on collision with the iceberg, they experienced even a worse accident.

Three quarters of the iceberg lay unseen below the calm sea surface. When the great titanic swerved, it swept the iceberg's lower side on the starboard bow side, slighting one quarter of an inch broad opening approximately 300 ft down on the lower part of the vessel. The same way the titanic could open the iceberg widely open the iron bull side. The destruction was vast enough to break the metal plate to allow the six watertight chambers to let the sea water in. The great ship sailing was scientifically constructed with about 16 watertight chambers in a sixth mile long hull, therefore, the ship captain had made prior voyage boast, and ‘not even the supreme being could sink her'. The constructor had calculated even if about four of the chambers would burst, the titanic ship would yet float. Unfortunately on that bright night, approximately six ships exploded and started to suck in the stormy water of the great North Atlantic.

In mathematical terms, the unsinkable titanic ship was enormously destroyed. And in a spun of about two hours, the great titanic ship was gone. About 1522 out of 2235 occupants of titanic ship perished in those dark ocean waters. This included majority of the men most of which were from the third class. Only 713 people survived the tragedy. People all over the world assembled for many hours to tell their fascinating stories in the popularly watched film ever in the history of man.

After the fatal titanic tragedy, the international convention concerned with life safety was summoned in 1913 in London. The convention formulated some rules and regulations demanding that every ship must have life boat room for every passenger embarked (the luxurious titanic had approximately 1178 boat rooms for about 2224 passengers aboard). Others rules include that every lifeboat drills to be held during every journey and the ship must maintain radio watch for 23 hours. Also, establishment of international ice patrol followed to alert ships of icebergs in the shipping lanes of the North Atlantic.

The most fascinating question that many people have been asking themselves is whether the great titanic is just a story concerning life and death or more of a movie. Also, could there be a strong, subconscious global sense over the titanic tragedy or was it just a warning parable of the coming ominous unknown tragedy that looks like a Damocles dangerous sword over the planet.

Titanic movie

In the light of the fiction of the story of love based on the titanic, the 1997 titanic movies is far most famous Hollywood reflection of the titanic tragedy. The movie is directed by Cameron James, the titanic film gained 48 nominations, 76 wins and 11 Oscars. The story of love between Rose and Jack is the central focus but there are other several characters that are centered on real titanic travelers.

Brock Lovett a deep- sea explorer has encountered the most prominent shipwreck of all by the name the Titanic.  Coming up with a safe thought to contain a treasure (diamond) known as the 'The Heart of the sea or Ocean', he realizes that the safe does not contain the diamond as he always believed but holds a drawing or picture of a cute woman putting it on. When the famous Brock is later in interrogated on the television, he portrays the drawing to the screen, and approximately hundred year old lady by the name Rose Colvert residing in Michigan identifies the woman in such drawing, which is a drawing of herself. When she visits the great man (Brock) concerning the wreck, she (rose) narrates a tale of the famous titanic and its tragic journey. Engrossed to a would-be steel magnate, Hockley Caledon, she gets into a titanic upper class suite together with him plus her mother in Southmpton. Similarly, Jack Dawnson and his close acquaintance Fabrizio De Rossi boards the same ship, subsequently following the lucky poker game that wins them a travel permit in steerage. Later when rose tries suicide by jumping out of the stem, jack forces her back to the titanic ship and affection or romantic relationship is forged between the two. Later jack is invited by Rose into her chamber (first class section), the next day.  Caledon and the mother of Rose attempt all the measures and means to keep the two apart without success. Their strategy goes of the window when the great titanic s hip collided with the ocean iceberg, and based on the design the flaw starts to sink in spite of it being declared unsinkable. Consequently, the two, rose and jack have to fight for their lives, but the significant question remains, is the younger Jack disadvantaged because of his poor status as a steerage traveler?

Titanic movie is all time movie and it certainly one of the most successful film. It may not be the most popular movies in all books and researches but a number of them acknowledge that it manifests itself pretty close to being the all time movie. It a movie about love (in other words, a love story movies about the two famous ship explorers). A group of the writers interviewed ac knowledge that titanic movie is just that love story, a story and a movies speaking about love between two ship passengers Jack and Rose. Some admits it that as love tales go the love between the two passengers was quite compelling. In fact, on of the best love ever witnessed in the world.

Although it is difficult to figure out what all the amusement was all about regarding the movie, many aspire to be a teenage boy or girl to have an idea of what could have happened. Those who went to see the titanic movie not just for love story but merely for other special impacts. Some have reported to have found their cold hearted selves merely enjoying and hugely moved by the romance between Rose and Jack. Though many people don't understand what is really amusing in the titanic movie, after seeing the movie they don't imagine the movie being created with other actors rather than Jack and Rose in the top most roles. This is a fact that reveals volumes about the performance of the two vital and famous passengers.

Many who have watched the movie confess that, the movie is well acted and special effects are manifested and reflected so well in the movie. The movie is highly a addictive and attractive such that many viewers find that getting out of the subject of the movie for few seconds, will lead to many rhetorical questions just before the movie starts. After watching the film many questions emerge in the mind of the viewer concerning the titanic production. For example many wonder who in the right and sound mind would spend over two hundred million dollars to produce a movie. Is it not wiser to spend such amount on a movie that everyone knows its ending? If a person is crazy enough to use such big amount of money, why would they use some famous named actors in the top most roles to enable the  audience to have some bit of reason to move forward? Such questions emerge because critics are not just the moviegoers, and while the viewers would like as much as possible to give their views and commends about the movie, and are mush knowledgeable concerning the subject, to the greatest extend they do not understand a lot a the producers who create them.

This is absolutely the truth with the popular titanic movie's director Cameron James. This just the same many considered by many that he would shy off the Hollywood few days or months before the production and opening of the film, but fortunately his is currently being recognized and known as the one among the most famous directors of all time movies or films. No one can accurately estimate the huge and significant role played by James Cameron in titan movie production and creation.

Deborah Kent states that titanic film starts with a breathtaking shots and remarks of the real Titanic at the bottom of the North Atlantic, shot particularly for this famous film by director Cameron James. Even though, this nearly pale as compared to the vital impacts used in the last half of the film during the sinking of the ship. The over two hundred million dollars cost tag is mainly evident on the television screen. In both the long shots where the great titanic s hip break up is seen and in the interior shots made in huge flooded  tanks. Whatever a ears on the titanic screen is both appealing and compelling.

According to Adam Simon in mast instances when survivors think about true titanic sitting right below the ocean, they tend forget something. They only recall the tragedy of the real happening  and the fact that many  hundreds of lives that perished, but majority of the viewers never seize to imagine of  what it mighty have been like to find themselves right on that unfortunate titanic  ship as it was sinking  down the vast and deep ocean waters. James Cameron has clearly captured those last episodes and tremendous moments, in a manner that will make many viewers think and wonder why they never thought of the movie in such a manner as reflected.


As spectacular and heart taking as the special impacts were to many viewers who watched this great titanic movie, they could not overlook  a simple and direct  love story and the catastrophic tragedy associated with one of the most worst world disasters. It is truly remarkable movie, it is no wonder that majority of people form diverse cultures and geographic regions have traveled back to this famous masterpiece several times to watch the fil


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