Free Training and Development Trends Research Essay Sample

This paper seeks to identify the various emerging trends and current issues surrounding areas of training and development in Japan’s organizations. The paper has evaluated emerging trends under the topic organizational development in training and strategy,emphasize has been on the life-long employment of this training and the compensation related to it. The paper will also show how recreational/vocational training programs have been viewed as a form of benefit to the employees over the years. The person who reads this paper will be taken through a comprehensive step by step process to determine the most significant trend and their impact to training and development. This will then open the platform for my literature review. In the review I have listed and described four keyresources I selected and how they contributed to my understanding of the topic and overall research. Most of the paper will be the findings that will be compared with those on past and current theories and practices in which such training and development have been utilized or offered.

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Literature review

The main source is the book “Organization Development” by Bennis Warren. This book is very insightful giving in details how emerging trends have made Japan the preferred destination when it comes to vocational training and development in an organization. Some of the trends identified in this article include the developments in the information and technology  sector. Bennis gives various trends the organization experiences and their impact in organization development. Also, another significant source is Branden Nathaniel.  The Organization of the Future, This is apparently the best source of information when looking up for the future trends in the training and the development of organizations. Cummings, T.G. & Worley, C.G on their book “Organization Development and Change” makes it clear that for the organization to enjoy developments then it had to emblaze change. Cummings, T.G and Worley raises the concept about change, for the trends to occur the organization must undergo through changes. Cummings is able to sew together the organization with the emerging trends to bring the concept of change making him the main source.



Some of the major trends in surrounding areas of vocational training and strategy in Japan that have benefited the employees are mostly brought about by challenges. Over the years Japan has come to realize that these challenges results to problem solving which results to change thus new trends are formed. It is thus of great importance to discuss the macro issues responsible for bringing about these trends.  Japan is among the leading countries when it comes to science and technology; this puts Japan in a situation where it is ever changing in terms of infrastructure and developments. Technology brings about new ideas into reality, this leads to the organizations having to draft new policies to take on.

When organizations are training their employees, the emerging trends do not allow them to leave technology behind; this includes the use of mobile phones and online training. This optimizes work and opens new opportunities to vocational training. The use of technology to train workers is limitless. This is because it can be applied to any situation that deems it necessary, and for example the use of notebooks laptops in the rural areas helps the trainer use graphical presentations with the help of a portable projector. The organization will tend to undertake those projects that are useful, and resourceful, hence it will easily adapt to changes brought about by technology. Also these trends are in most cases responsible for the success of not only the organization but also the surrounding areas. This is portrayed by the growth of cities such as Tokyo which over the years has continued to expand owing to the use of technology in vocational training. This can be seen in those cases whereby the organization influences changes in its surroundings, for example if an organization is to install fiber optic networking in its building to facilitate training, the surrounding business and organizations will be influenced.

 Joint ventures and Alliances

This is another factor that influences the trends in Japan’s vocational training and strategy in the organization and its environs. It does affect the employees this is because when Japan’s organization decides to create a partnership with another it will in turn affect the ongoing developments as well as the overall training of the employees. This is attributed to the fact that a partnership will bring about changes since the original one stops to exist so as to form the new one. When the old business dies then new priorities arise and they adjust with new training methods. The organization may also form an alliance with a different company. This makes the two companies set their goals on one accord, this is to say if the vocational training methods of one company do not meet the other company’s expectations then the two companies will be forced to sit down and come up with new methods of training there workers. This leads to the emergence of new trends in which adversely affect Japan’s organizational training and strategies as well as its environs.

 Changes in Structure of Work

In Japan every organization has its own unique way of carrying out tasks. These include structures which dictate what, when and which employee will carry out a task or a duty. It is thus the back bone of Japan’s organizations. Change can come to these structures, this may be as a result of the decisions from the managers or it could be totally unprecedented and brought by factors with no internal control. The change in the structure of work will always lead to the formation and creation of another different structure that will ultimately change the sequence of development training.     

 Increase in Diversity in the Work Area.

The workers play a very important role in bringing about new trends and organizational developments. They are the ones who strive to achieve the goal of the organization and without them then there is no organization. The increased diversity in the world especially in Japan has found its way in the work places. This has seen new trends coming up such as some universities incorporating English in their learning. This is an attempt to deal with communication barriers in the organizations. The management is also been forced to develop programs to support the different and diverse workers when it comes to vocational training. This is very important because what one group of people perceive to be good is not necessarily what the other sees it, hence this calls for new training methods when dealing with diverse workers. The organization developments are also affected by the overall diversity at work. This may be seen in cases whereby the organization lacks harmony and one group from the same ethic community influences decisions made using the advantage of a sheer majority. However new trends have seen the development of ministries in the government to see that such above issue are addressed accordingly.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The overall vocational training of workers is affected once an organization is taken over by another business. This is the case when it’s assets are acquired by another company, however new trends have changed this and once an organization has been taken over it’s continuity can still be guaranteed. This may include the use of contracts that are now accepted thus normal training is still guaranteed. This includes leases and government interventions by bailing the organization. If the organization was to merge with another then it can still maintain the managers and the workers in an agreement. This as a new trend has seen small companies improve their vocational training especially in Tokyo.

Recreational Training

This is among the most interesting new trend in the training of workers. It is whereby the organization takes the trainees in a holiday get a way where they receive training. Its first use is not well documented but in the beginning of the twenty-first century it has become quite a common thing in Japans organizations. It carries with it some advantages, the workers feel appreciated and this gives them a drive to work even harder. This new trend has revolutionized the way organizations motivate their workers. The organization developments are as well affected, this is because they have to devise the best economic option to creating this recreation trainings. This training has also seen the emergence of another trend the delegation of that duties, hence creation of a welfare department. In the past the workers welfare was never regarded as a priority but these new trends shows that nearing the twenty-first century this has changed. It has seen organizations taking insurance covers for their workers and even family members.

Changing to the New Age

The world is entering the digital world and slowly shifting from the old one. Over time we have seen messengers been replaced with mail, mail been replaced by email and it goes on. It is quite obvious that this has taken part in all organizations as they fund training of personnel to adjust to this new age rules. In Japan this has so far being significant in the organizational productivity to the extent that some organizations have incorporated information and technology as a department in an effort to improve their vocational training of workers.

The organization development managers have to target their goals towards improving their level of technology; this will optimize workers training, failure to do so they would be moving backwards and instead will cost them for inefficiency.


In Japan no organization want to expose itself to insecurity that is why, these emerging trends are structured to protect the training of the workers. With the onset of any new era security enhancements becomes the priority. The onset of technology has seen the online security companies growing to billion dollars companies. The security of the organization is better dealt with when a private security firm is assigned that responsibility, this increases the field of vocational training as this security personnel will also undergo training to grasp what is required of him or her. This leads to the development of security firms that are contracted to maintain security in the organization. Also the development of insurance premiums that covers insecurity is one of the new trends in organizational developments.

Education and training

The twenty-first century is one where almost everybody is going to school, this has led to Japan schools to incorporate career based training in their syllabus. This trend has helped the various types of organizations as well as the workers since they do not have to train their new employees from scratch. Education has helped people to see the purpose of training and appreciate its aspects, thus it has reduced peoples’ ignorance when it come to self development. The whole process of education in Japan is based on the career the student wishes to pursue, thus building on his or her career as soon as possible. Some years back this was not the case as training was not regarded to cost that much to the extent one can start from childhood.


The organization may be forced to take it’s already trained workers for more training in an effort to compete with its competitors. This will lead to the development of part time working and part time learning , which is advantageous to the worker since they gain more knowledge without sacrificing their work or duties. This trend is mostly evident with the teaching organizations whereby the teachers are given study leaves to further their education. In Japan online learning is the order of the day and the teacher can be in class and latter on during tea or lunch break starts his or her studies this is seen as a very efficient way to improve the quality of productivity.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation are crucial components for any vocational training to be efficient. They are the components that cannot be ignored if any training is to work. Creativity entails that the process be as easy as possible and as effective as it can be. Innovations make the training to be effective on any group of people as the process can easily be changed to fit different types of individual. It being that people are different, creativity allows for incorporations of different personalities into the process and innovations allows continuous upgrading of it to meet  the ever changing demands and requirements of organizations. These areas have made much tremendous advancements in making training to be very effective yet less demanding to both the organization and to those undergoing the processes to the trainer. There have also made training to be fun and enjoyable when undergoing it and same time very beneficial to the trainees.       


As the world is advancing in its bid to be united so is the vocational training. Organizations need to come up with training processes that can work in all parts of the Organization just like Japan. No matter where the process is carried out in the world it should be effective. This has been achieved as the processes are designed to cater for the needs of all despite their location in the or way of life. This means that those who design and layout the methods of training are to achieve a standard way of doing it. This is important as standard ways of measuring the effectiveness are formulated by the help of governments and international approvals such as I.S.O certified Certificates. This helps and makes evaluation of training processes of high quality no matter where it’s carried out, and makes the trainers work easier as they have already established ways of doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Marketing and sales advertising

Trends are changing and making great advancement in the world of sales and marketing. This means more training of workers. Different ways of advertising are coming up frequently and means of sales are changing. This has led to Japan organizations to change their way of operations, by incorporating constant training of their employees. To keep up with the trends organizations need to train their employees on how to be effective in carrying out and performing there ever changing duties. Training has advanced in this areas and it has been made to be fun as the same equipment that are used in performing the duties are incorporated in the process. This makes the process easier to the trainees and improves their interest in the process. 

Social and cultural factors

People are products of where they come from. This means that their behavior and believes are shaped by their backgrounds. This is an important area because it’s very hard to separate an individual from their background. Therefore in there process of training, it’s important to try and establish the kind of people that are being trained, establish their beliefs so as avoid offering training in manner that can be considered offensive to them. In this area Japan’s vocational training has made great improvement as the training processes are designed in a manner that it gives the trainer an opportunity incorporate the social and cultural factors of the trainees in the process. Japan has made it possible to make training feel like it is not a burden but something to look forward to as the trainees can relate with the process


The Japan has come a long way in organizational development in training and strategy; this is attributed to the positive response to the emerging trends. In this modern age the organizational developments are being dictated by the current issues as well as these emerging trends. It is therefore paramount for any organization to accept and adapt to changes if it wants to achieve its goals. These emerging trends are also evolving, this is seen whenever a trend becomes eminent and every organization wants to try it out. Technology is evolving at a rate that is encouraging, that is to say any organization that is undertaking the task of adapting to this trends is on the right track. Japan is one of the countries that have streamlined its own organizations towards new trends and this has proved to be fruit bearing, one of the reasons to this is the need to create employment to its people as well as a slot in the super power rank.

The development of these trends is skewed, not all yield the desired result. Some of these trends do more harm than good; we find this in fashion trends whereby the official wear has changed to body exposing clothes. Some organizations especially those dealing with counseling are finding it hard to adapt to this, but they eventually have to.


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