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The diverse nature of people allows people to react differently to different situations. The same theory is applicable when it comes to trauma. This is the condition suffered by an individual after they have experienced a tragic event and the body goes into shock. Since the traumatic events may be different, it is the same way that an individual's body may choose to cope with the situation. Thus, the type of trauma will play a role in determining how individuals are likely to react to the situation. This may be emotional or even physical trauma depending on the situation. Therefore, this paper aims to look at how trauma affects people differently.

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Emotional Effects

As mentioned earlier people are likely to react differently to traumatic events. One of the most common effects that trauma has on an individual is the emotional reaction. This is a state of the mind where an individual can not be able to control their emotions towards different environments. Thus, there is lack of emotional control in the individual leading to an emotional rollercoaster where one cannot predict what to expect next from the individual. The individual may keep on replaying the event in his or her mind for quite while not quite letting go of the events that ensued. This will lead to fits of anger and irritability, which are quite unpredictable. At other times, the individual may express extreme sadness but cannot quite explain why. This will make them want to withdraw from others since they want to feel secluded from the rest of the people. This kind of behavior is mainly attributed to the fact that the individual might still be in shock from the traumatic episode and has not quite accepted the reality concept.

Physical Effects

Emotional reactions are not the only effects that people suffer from as others may be affected physically. An individual may have episodes of sleeping difficulties and nightmares. This is quite common among different individuals as they relive the traumatic event in their sleep leading to constant nightmares and restlessness at night. This is quite common in areas where the traumatic event was quite physical and may have even injured the victim. This way it becomes harder to let go of the event and it is relived in dreams. If this situation is continuous and the individual does not seek help, then it may lead to stress which in turn may be quite serious. If the situation is quiet severe the individual might be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

If the event involved the occurrence of loud noises, then the physical reaction of an individual is likely to be derived form similar situations. One is likely to notice that the victim is always startled by the loud noises. Any movement that the individual had not expected startles him and this is related to the effect of trauma. This is not present in all individuals as it may affect certain people who feel like they are constantly in danger of suffering from the traumatic event again.

Cases of fatigue and headaches are also common in some individuals. This may be related to the fact that they cannot be able to rest at night and in turn feel tired. This is quite physical and can be noticed easily. The headaches my also be related to the fact that the victim is constantly replaying the event in his mind. This is quite common although not present in all individuals.

The victim of the traumatic event does not necessarily have to be grieving because there were losses of lives but can rather be attributed to the events that took place. The individual may feel at a loss and this may be the effect that the event will have on him/her. There might not have been loss of lives but there was the loss of the security and safety that they had before, this might trigger the action of grieving in the individual. The event is mainly similar to that of losing a loved one to the victim hence; it is not surprising that an individual may choose to grieve. However, most victims are advised to seek help during this period despite the fact that they may feel obligated to maintain seclusion.

The fact that people are affected differently by trauma is quite common and the effects are quite identifiable. However, trauma in children is not given the attention it deserves as it can be quiet severe and different from what is experienced by the adults. Children are affected by different situations that may turn out to be tragic for them leading to trauma. Hence, it is quite advisable for parents to know how children react differently to trauma and events that may be tragic to them. The behavioral aspects are the main areas that the parents should focus on when they want to know how the child has been affected by the traumatic episode. How people tend to cope with a traumatic event is bound to be different as well. This will be dependent on how the individual was affected and will observe different methods in coping with the situation. In most cases professional help is advised as the results are bound to be better and faster.


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