Free Types of Plate Boundary Essay Sample

2a. Mid Atlantic ridge-divergent (moving or drifting apart) plate boundary

2b. Using volcanoes the plate boundaries are as described below:

Mid Atlantic ridge- divergent (moving or drifting apart) plate boundary

According to Monteith, as Africa and South America continents drifted apart or the two terra firma masses estranged, the surrounding water came in to cover the developing gap in between the two continents creating the Atlantic Ocean. The mid-Atlantic ridge was then formed after the small crack on the earth crust that influenced the rising as the magma escaped. As a result, along the ridge, a crust was formed into a ridge, which involved the creation of volcanic hills, which resulted into various islands between the two continents in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Middle east-convergent (colliding) plate boundary

According to Geography of the World, the movement of the two continental plates towards each other resulted to a collision that accrued to the formation of volcanic mountains. The two plate’s collision led to the up movement of the magma through the earth vent, leading to the formation of hills that caused a creation of the volcanic hills.

3a. According to National Geographic, the volcanoes in the Middle east- convergent (colliding) plate boundary are located in middle east along the plate boundary, while the ones in Mid Atlantic ridge- divergent (moving or drifting apart) plate boundary are located above the ridge, but without blocking the magma fissure; hence occasional expulsion of the magma resulted into the creation of a larger mid-Atlantic ridge.

However, the volcanoes are located asymmetrical on the plate boundary, which means that magma is thrown on both sides of the volcanic fissures, hence forming the volcanoes in an asymmetrical pattern. These volcanoes are many but vary in size depending on the frequency of the magma expulsion in the two plates and distance from the point of expulsion. However, there is no notable pattern in relation to the volcanoes height.

3b. The plates date and the described features do fully describe the plate type and the boundary that is involved in the formation of the volcanoes. 


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