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 The middle way refers to a way of life lived by the kind of people with self denial and that life lived by those people who indulge in themselves. This is in accordance with the Buddhism as a religion.  The Buddha states that for this world to come to revelation, it must forego many desires of selfness and work as one towards the achievement of common objectives. The act whereby people work for their own selfish gain, usually materials brings in much suffering among the people. Buddhist therefore calls upon people with such unwelcoming deeds to cease such actions so as to enhance togetherness and strength in carrying out day to day activities.

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Human rights and freedoms are mainly prioritized since life is a precious gift given to a person. This therefore implies that life cannot be insured because it can never be measured or quantified financially. When individual’s rights are honored, it implies that the probability of him/ her living a harmless life and one full of happiness are high.

When peace exists among individuals and those individuals strives day in day out to maintain it, they will benefit at long last since they are in a position to concentrate on other activities of building the nation. Such people will be of sound minds and therefore their level of innovativeness and creativity goes a step higher. Living the middle way therefore indicates that a culture that is in accordance with the moral laws is created. Persons of different races learn from this culture and are enlightened on how the life they are leading should be and not how they want it to be.

There is existence of capitalism and communism in china. For the prosperity of the entire nation of china, people from both the communists and capitalists should merge together their differences. Conflicts normally face the two parties due to their differences in political views, allocation of resources and also dominance in the market share. The few mentioned issues has created animosity between the two parties and the end result have been political instability leading to creation of harmful war weapons such as nuclear bombs.

It is possible to come up with an economic middle way between the two differing parties through intensive peace campaigns and creating awareness on the benefits of working as a nation. Also, such differences may be dealt with by ensuring that resource allocation is done in a fair and transparent way. However, the hindering factors behind these efforts include capital inadequacy and also selfish leaders who are only after satisfying their personal needs. The same case applies to capitalism and socialism in Russia.

 The quiet revelation on the other hand shows how people are made to know the consequences of undertaking certain actions. From a biblical point of view, a person may be reveled of what to expect as a consequence of doing something, be it wrong or right. When people combine efforts and work together, the output is more likely to be greater and of much value compared to individuals efforts. This goes handy with the saying ‘two heads are better than one.’ However, for people to unite and work as one there must be several aspects of life such as love, peace, happiness, harmony, togetherness and many more.

China industrialization and also modernization can be attributed to the creativity and innovativeness possessed by majority of its population. Over past, china have established  a working motto ‘Just In Time’ this motto have enabled them to always complete their assigned task in the stipulated time and create extra time for doing other activities. Dedication by the people has seen china move to another milestone in terms of industrial infrastructural development. Many people have benefited from employment opportunities hence there lifestyles have taken a different dimension, that is improved living standards. Communists in china wanted to abolish the gap between them and the capitalists. However, the idea has become quite cumbersome because rampant industrial development has gradually been a disadvantage to the communists community whose objective was to become monopolists in the market industry. It is therefore clear that as china further grows and prospers, the gap between the communists and capitalists widen hence the expected and certain end result will be a complete erosion of monopolistic power.

Theme: Urbanization

Urbanization refers to the process whereby people move from rural areas to settle in cities and its suburbs. People normally move to the cities in search of social services such as medical facilities. In addition, search for employment opportunities is a contributing factor towards urbanization. Urbanization has led to industrialization process since the level of innovation and creativity has been increased.

A country is said to be urbanized when it is in a position to provide quality education to its population. Education has always been a leading factor in all sectors of economy hence becoming a vital factor behind economic prosperity of a given country. Education therefore may be an outstanding problem towards urbanization of a given country. When inadequate knowledge is availed to the population, skills attained by the educated will therefore be of less quality hence there will be less innovation. This factor leads to extra expenses of hiring experts from outside to undertake some tasks which could have been dealt with internally had the population benefited from quality education.

Findings from the research indicates that for a country to be urbanized, the following factors must be put into consideration include level and quality of education offered, level of technology and how it has been embraced by the public, political stability in that nation and also resource allocation within the country.


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