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This is a research paper on the resources and services offered to the victims of crime. In the US, crime is analyzed under two categories: Violent crime which includes homicide, robbery, rape and assault; Property crime which includes burglary, theft and arson. Victims of the above crimes find it hand to live after the crime. The crime rate data is recorded and published by the FBI. Dallas is quoted to have the highest crime rate in the US. The resources and services are offered to crime victims to US citizens in the country and those staying overseas. They can be offered by the state or the federal government. The research paper will detail the resources and services offered by my state. It will also compare the resources and services offered by the state to those offered by the federal government.

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Different states offer different resources and services to the victims of crime. In my state, the following services are offered to crime victims: rape victims are offered counseling programs, battered women are offered counseling and shelter, murder victims are offered support and bereavement counseling, child abuse victims are offered diagnosis and treatment services, and victims of drunken driving crashes are also assisted. They offer death and other notifications to the victims, they respond to community crisis, they enforce victim rights and help to indentify theft. Similarly, resources are extended to crime victims: Compensation programs are offered which include financial assistance for medical, funeral and loss of income costs. However it is worth stating that the resources extended to crime victims is only availed upon filling of relevant forms by the victims to the relevant victims' compensation programs under the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards. Qualifications to these programs depend from one state to another. These services and resources have significantly helped the victims to cope with life after the crime in the state level.

The magnitude of services and resources offered to the crime victims by the federal government is greater than that of the state. Some services and resources that are offered by the federal government cannot be offered by the state. The federal government offers assistance to crime victims living abroad upon meeting certain conditions. The federal government: helps the victims by replacing their stolen passports, it contacts the relevant people related with the victim, they explain the local criminal process to the victims, connects the victim with the local and US resources for help, they provide appropriate medical care, address emergency needs and avail a list of lawyers that can help the victims. The federal governments also offer compensation to crime victims under the Federal Crime Victims funds which have been relatively increased over the years to $ 519 million. The federal government has also established the Office of Crime Victims Services which deals with international crime victims that includes US soldiers who are victims of war. The federal government also covers government officials who become victims of crime like attempted assassination, assassination and hijackings. The federal government in collaboration with other assistance agencies like Red Cross equally extends its assistance to victims of international crime like victims of terrorists attack. Therefore comparing the state and federal government assistance, it is evident that the scope of the state assistance is limited in quantity and to a given state. However, the assistance of the federal government is broad and extends internationally. But in both, the well being of the victims is valued and assistance is availed on certain conditions like the filling of relevant forms.


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