Free Women Education in China Essay Sample

Challenges and Opportunities of Women’s Education in China

China, being one of the most developed economies in the world, also has a significant educational history. Despite this, women have not become the main part of the education system in China so far. Confucian ideology, which has been deeply rooted throughout the history of China and still dictates the rules and customs for the whole nation, limits women who are oppressed by their social status. Moreover, the historical canons of Confucianism continue to cause serious resistance to change, which could help to increase the level of education of women and their employment opportunities. The educational discrimination of women in China is based on ideology, cultural background, and general gender inequality. Significant efforts by the authorities, such as the creation of new institutions, educational reforms, give tangible results even today, and women's educational attainment rates are higher. However, there are still a number of critical problems that need to be solved on a national scale.

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In a future research paper, it is advisable to consider such issues as the causes of educational inequality among women in China, the role of Confucianism in gender inequality, and analyze the imbalance of educational opportunities for women. Also, it will be necessary to consider the impact of Western ideology on women’s educational levels in China, government programs to eliminate the problem, and current educational trends and problems that are still critical for many Chinese women. Great attention also needs to be paid to the relationship between education in China and employment opportunities since there is a significant discrepancy between the two components, especially for women. In general, paying attention to the growing importance and need for education, the issue of educational inequality for such a developed country is extremely acute and requires immediate further action for a complete solution.


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