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The text itself talks about the problems that poor individual undergo while in the society. There belongs are being stolen. This makes them to make posters announcing the contents. Thieves target radios and other things that are found in cars. The text continues explaining about the changes that have occurred in radio stations, "They have become drone stations, where a once multifarious body of music has been pared down."

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The audience or reader that the author had in mind is a desperate character who lost hope in life, as all things are not going to his or her direction. Starting with theft that is carried out in their cars, they have been forced to write fancy notices to show that they have nothing, "pleading with thieves not to break in." though he wants to listen to the radio, but there no longer interesting. On top of all these, the prices of goods are too high. I identify with this audience to about 90%.

What I learn from the author is that, he is an activist who is airing the problems that his community faces. He is there to show that even if things are not being done right, the government is doing nothing. Higher prices of essential goods, but no mechanisms to deal with the condition put in place. The author is influenced by rising number of theft cases, higher prices of products, as well as lack of good music in radio stations. While am reading the easy, am faced with constrain of having no response from the government side after the community having all these troubles that the author has aired.

The exigency for this easy is the exploration of difficult situations that common people under during their lives. Everybody wants to change from their current status, but they can't afford doing that, ".saddened to leave the community of listeners to which we have belonged for most of our lives."


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