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In her article, titled Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt "Advertising and Violence," Jean Kilbourne discusses ways in which women get hurt. Gender violence has been an issue all over the world especially among women. Women have always been seen as the weaker sex in our society. They are subjected to so much pain and discrimination in the society due to inequality. Kilbourne argues that women are historically looked down upon as the cause of many of man's downfalls and weaknesses. He says that Eve was the original sinner and convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit; Helen of Troy caused a war with her beauty and alleged infidelity. According to Kilbourne women incite the violence or abuse that is targeted at them by dressing too provocatively, disobeying their men or being too emotional.

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I do not agree with him because nobody in their right mind would do something so they can get hurt. Women dress the way they want because they feel smart and comfortable. They do not do so to provocate anyone. If anything, it's the men who are undisciplined. Their eyes follow every woman in a skirt and their negative thoughts make them rape women. A woman is a very submissive creature. They tend to submit to their men and respect them. Infact violence at homes is usually instigated by men who come home drunk, are irresponsible and do not want to listen to their wives. Infact a woman has a sixth sense that helps her keep her house in order.

According to Kilbourne this violent and sometimes degrading trend has been picked up even in the modern society. A phrase that has become commonplace in our society is "Sex sells", and quite frankly it does. Most advertisements use half-naked women. These women are often depicted in sexually overt manners that coincide with a violent theme. It is not right to expose others nakedness. Ask yourself ,"how many ads portray men half-naked", why should they use women who are half-naked. It is high time that women should stop being used as sex images.


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