Free Art Is a Dream of Perfection Essay Sample

It is a well-known fact that people are not perfect, but most of them always try to achieve perfection, or at least they want to become better than they are. However,  to strive for perfection, it is necessary to be absolutely sure what it is, as well as it is important to have the model. It is evident that people understand perfection differently; it depends on their social position, upbringing and education. Ancient people painted animals they hunted for on the walls of their caves, artists painted their imagination about absolute love and the prettiest model of a woman, writers wrote their thoughts about achieving entire success in life, and architects created beautiful buildings trying to show their understanding of perfect splendor. Ordinary people produced fairy tales which were also stories how to achieve absolute beauty in life.

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When looking at wonderful pictures of famous painters, people feel satisfaction. Sometimes they do not agree with the way the painter shows his/her imagination of beauty, but each piece of art makes people think about something wonderful they do not have in life, but want to find. Works of writers discuss different cases in life when people could not achieve perfection and why they were unsuccessful in it. Wonderful architectural masterpieces make people stay motionless and admire the beauty fixed in stones. When people visit museums and picture galleries, they have special experience. When they listen to musical works, they experience a lot of different emotions which make them think about their life and all moments of it, both happy and sad ones.

Art is striving of people to perfection as it shows them what they should go through. It demonstrates absolute beauty how artists understand it. It is possible to argue with them and not to agree with their imagination. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to admire. 


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