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Introduction- Reason for the letter

Reason 1- Remind people of the great America’s Depression History

Reason 2- To provide non-readers with opportunity to sample the creative piece of Art

Reason 3- Prepare the ground for subsequent productions.

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Dear _____

I have read your book "Bud not Buddy" and hereby write to commend you for such creative piece of Art. But that is not all; my main aim to write to you is to implore you to consider making a movie for this book. My suggestion is motivated by three key reasons which I will gladly share in this letter. To start with, I would like to bring to your attention that your work is quite captivating and is suitable for all ages. It would interest anyone to watch a movie that relates to Depression periods in America in the 1930s, during which Bud grew up.

The times were difficult, unemployment was characteristically high and the few available jobs were never meant for the Black people. Times have changed and America too has changed. A black is now America's President. Coincidentally, coming from Chicago Illinois, the same place Bud Caldwell lived as an orphan. A movie for this book will capture great market since it will serve to remind the World of a difficult history.

Secondly, making "Bud not Buddy" movie will give the audience (especially those who may not have the time to read the book) a chance to have a taste of both funny and sad memories of this book. The movie can be an inspiration to many in society today who face life difficulties like Bud Caldwell whose mother passed on when he was still a young boy, without knowledge of who his father was, with the flyers as the only clue and source of hope for him, yet Bud was determined and live up to the challenge.

Finally, if a movie for the book is produced, it will generate enthusiasm and anticipation for next episodes of this work. Put differently, the audience will want "more and more of the good Art" hence necessitate production of "Bud not Buddy" book 2 and movie too. Please consider my request. Thank you.

Thank you.


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