Free Business Ethics and Morality Essay Sample

Response 1

There are several ways in which moral obligations apply in an organization. For example it is expected that an organization should have corporate social responsibility and respond to social problems appropriately. Organizations can be held accountable in their actions and more so those in leadership instead of institutionalizing non-responsibility. It is argued that since those in top leadership make decision on behalf of the organization, then it is the organization as a whole that is making that decision. This makes these leaders to make crude decisions, after all they will not be held accountable.

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Response 2

The question is in the category of morality. Based on the definition of the term morality, and with reference to the case study, based on the position that Vandivier was in, it was morally right since morality does not mean that everything has to be perfect. The report had most good information but some bad elements, which is relatively acceptable morally. According to Socrates issues of morality should be dealt with in the weight that is due to them. Socrates continues to argue that morality is the way that humanity ought to live. A perfectionist society is not quite possible but one that is relatively morally right is quite possible. Given similar situations, the same would be applicable. Take for example, one does not expect a hawker to tell them the actual price they purchased their product and location otherwise they would lose customers.

Response 3

In every product that is purchased or produced, it is a moral requirement that known side effects be included in the package and emphasized to let customers make informed decisions during purchase. It was the moral obligation of Ford to let Mrs. Gray know about it and they were responsible for “burn death”. There was a problem with utilitarian approach since there were no enough justice concepts. If the buyer used the product based on informed decision Ford would be guiltless. 


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