Free Constructionism, Learning by Design, and Project Based Learning Essay Sample

Among educationists it is commonly acceptable that education is an experience of a learner through which he or she receives values, aims, skills, customs, and habits from his or her society. Therefore, there is some importance of questioning in education and it is important that learners get to understand why they are required to analyze the information  they receive from the environment through questioning but not to accept everything at its face value. Education entails learning, which can be termed as the permanent acquisition of either modified or new values, skills, or habits. In view of this, it is necessary that learners fully understand all the information about the knowledge they should acquire.

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Analysis of the received information is a learning process which involves questioning the knowledge that is acquired. This process aims at nurturing the autonomy of students in the acquisition of knowledge. The students learn how to critically analyze the information they have gathered. If this happens, then such students would further be required to have a lot of information and thereby be motivated to read and research extensively. This developed a habit of extensive reading that in turn ensures that the student will have a sufficient information on which to base his or her argument.

Such a habit of learning through questioning enables the learner to draw relationship between what he or she has learnt and what he or she does not know. When such a habit of moving from familiar knowledge to unfamiliar knowledge is developed, then the student develops the courage to learn independently. However, this is not always easy since a student would be required to venture from his/her comfortable zones to the unknown and sometimes even question what the society fallaciously hold as valuable. As such, it is upon the teacher to nurture this habit in the students and lead them to the benefits of this worthy risk. A teacher can do this by presenting a commonly acceptable value in a society but that is not always right. Then, by contradicting its hypothesis, the teacher would guide the students into the new truth ignored by the wider society. This autonomy is vital in the development of a student’s inductive and deductive methods of learning which is more beneficial than imposed opinions of a teacher on learners.


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