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The movie vertigo is one of famous screenplay of the time produced by Alfred Hitchcock. In this movie, Hitchcock has endeavored to paint the picture of an ideal woman and at the same time portray the tension that men and women go through. In the movie, Hitchcock, has employed two female characters who have been used to develop the film. While Midge and Madeleine have roles in the film, the two having different characters which eventually causes Scottish to be pulled to While watching the film, it can be seen that Midge has a higher degree of independence more that Madeleine who seems to be swayed by other characters like Scott who want to exploit her for sexual gains. It is also true to describe Madeleine as secretive as compared to Midge who.

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This secretiveness works for Madeleine as she teases Scottie with it. In addition, it is apparent that Midge is less attractive than Madeleine who seems to have great hair and a taste for clothes that make her stand out. As the movie unfolds, the audience realizes that Madeleine is more erotic in her ways and manner of speech. Midge on the other hand, is reserved and has more maternal instinct as compared to Madeleine seductive nature. Nevertheless, Midge and Madeleine harbor feelings for Scottie though it seems that Madeleine has an upper hand.

In film Vertigo, Scottie falls in live more easily the Madeleine than Midge despite their having an affair in the past. There are a numbers of reasons that explains why Scottie falls in to Midge. Scottie seems to be attracted to Madeleine given her attractiveness as compared to midge. In addition, Scottie is thrilled by the secretiveness and promiscuous nature of Madeleine as compared to the motherly character of Midge. Based on these reason, Scottie regards Madeleine a better woman as compared to Midge.


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