Free Haitian Revolution Essay Sample

Revolution is the change that usually takes place in the structure that has been formulated by many organizations. This change usually takes effect in a relatively short period.

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Haiti, French and US revolutions

The account of the Haitian revolution took a very short time, and it is characterized by the rise of slaves in the year 1791 and 1803. When the slaves rose up they drove all the white people that had settled in Saint – Dominique. This was the name given to Haiti before it received its independence. After this revolt, the Haiti government started declaring their independence as they came to refer to the country as the independent republic of Haiti. Among the other revolutions that took place at this period, the Haiti revolution was one of the complex revolutions.

During this crucial time, other countries like the US and French were fighting  the effects of the revolutions that were taking place in the world. The other revolutions began because of the French revolution that had begun in the year 1789 in Paris. In the year the 1791, the US was one of the first republics that existed in the western parts. All parts of Europe were in a total mess as the French revolution was tightened across France. All the revolutionaries that were in France were almost drafting the declaration of the people’s rights as they thought they should be. This declaration was to indicate the rights, equality, and liberty of the people to the systems of the government that used to exist. On the other side of the island of Haiti, the people were watching what was going on in France as the drafting of the declaration was done in the Atlantic.

The planters, soldiers, administrators, and artisans didn’t know that they were going to start the revolution. All the plantations that were in Haiti gave the black Americans a base to suffer as slaves while working for the people. They were different from those that were in North America. The was a lot to do because of the sugar cane plantations that existed at that time. As a result, the number of slaves was higher  then French people. Slaves were allowed to continue with their practices and cultures as they worked for the white people. The French people did not know that the revolution was going to take place right under their noses. Everything happened so fast,. The Haiti revolution began under the leadership of the person named Boukman who was a leader of the religious factions.

The revolution of the Haiti people was different from the one in America as the slaves revolted through the passion they had from being made slaves for a long period. They revolted because of revenge. This is in contradiction with the American Revolution where the people revolted to have liberty. The other parts of America did not revolt because slave labor was over and the people were ready for any occurrences. 


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