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Wicked the musical, has captivated listeners through out the world. It was a moving tale of two witches and an entertaining theme of a green spectacle.  It covers the story of two friends who grow to become witches in Oz land. The wicked witch of the west is assumed by the musical that instead of portraying herself as being wicked it is the society and its culture that portrays her as being wicked. Musical wicked is a musical concert that took place at the New York broad way. This paper is a response to the wicked live musical that took place in November 2010 at the New York Broadway.

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The wicked musical concert show cased a performance of several shows. The musicals that were featured were wicked; captain Louie, children of Eden, god spell, god spell junior, pippin and rags. The performers in the wicked musical were Kristin Chenoweth, glinda, menzel, elphaba, Joel grey and Dorothy.

The wicked musical made use of certain musical instruments that helped to produce music sounds that were captivating to the ears. The instruments used comprised of vintage guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drum set and piano. Coming alongside the instruments used in the musical were voice parts.  The voice parts that were featured prominently were soprano and altos singing in to the mezzo range. The musical showcased flexibility in terms f the range of the voices that were used in the wicked musical.

The wicked musical had the purpose of not only entertaining the audience but also educating them on the society's view and feeling about witches. The musicals featured parts that showed how the society brands people as witches and the consequences that come about as a result of that.

The performance was very captivating because the characters in the musical portrayed the act as a reality. The voices, clarity, the performers, the theme and the general motion of the musical were up to expected standards.

The piece that I liked most was the song part of the musical. His is because the sound quality of both the instruments and the voice quality were very good. They elicited true feelings and made sure that the mood that was required when they were played actually came out. The songs were so real that they even made some people in the audience shed tears.

The piece that I did not like most was the piece was the changing of the scenes because it was little it boring. When the story is told it seems a little bit flat with no emotions and feelings elicited. It just leaves one hoping for the next interesting thing.

The pieces that triggered my emotions were when the flashback was happening. Glinda recalled the circumstances that came with the birth of elphaba.

The music in the wicked musical may leave an audience with nothing at all if they are not very careful. They are competent modern Broadway fare that carries the eighty's composition. They don't stick to the mind.

This type of concert is not new to me because it has been happening for sometime now and I have had the experience of getting to hear stories from friends about the musical concerts they went to and their experiences from the concert. I also have had a chance to attend a musical though a minor one but the experience exposed me to this type of concerts.

The musical I heard was a jazz type where the music comes softly with soft instruments eliciting feelings of concern and not love. The musicians in the musical create a subtle mood using the soft music and the instrument that they play in relation to the theme of the musical. The pitch raged from low to high with the rhythm being created by the beat and the sound from the instruments.

The wicked musical concert was fun to watch not only for its entertainment sake but also for the exposure to a lot of things in a single performance. This could be one of the concerts hat one should not miss if they have time to attend.


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