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The author speaks about the importance of film and the medium of video, breaking down its evolvement over the decades since 1960.  The author emphasizes that video and filmmaking is an art form which is successful due to its flexibility and ability to change according to the filmmaker’s wishes.  Furthermore, video and film evolution directly leads to and affects cultural evolution, since it permanently locks images, securing them for later analysis and critique. 

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Starting from the 1960s, artists and filmmakers tested conventional video making boundaries, constantly looking for new forms of art through the new technological advancements.  Innovations such as potable video equipment allowed a large number of emerging film artists to experiment and thus develop new categories within the branch.  An example of video imaging evolution is that transition from static, single lined images to three dimensional imaging.  The author points out those videos played a great role especially in the 1970s by actively broadcasting political and social events, raising awareness and public involvement.  This raises the question about film’s unending limit and power for affecting and shaping culture in a society, behaving as a brainwashing device. 

An example of video’s impact is the way it changed the female image over time from conservative to outgoing females able to compete with the male dominated society.  Furthermore, by the 1980s, the author states that video technology had widely become available in every home, making the art of video open to interpretation, which lost the conventional image of video as art.  Especially after the 90s, video and filmmaking lost its traditional artistic appeal and did not follow strict criterion. 

I learned that one positive result of the wide population having video access was that cultural and geographical barriers were connected through film types such as documentaries which enhanced globalization and contributing to world peace.  This is the most imperative part film plays in my opinion as it serves a greater purpose, besides mere entertainment, serving as a social worker, politician, counselor and much more. 


Artist- Rodney Graham: known for developing film series in the 1980s which challenged the evolution of film making and focused on the stages it went through (from birth to death) using innovative mixtures of video technologies such as the typewriter and film projector. 

Gallery- Palais des Beaux-Arts: Center for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium has exhibitions, concert hall, movie theater and conference halls for video and film departments. 

Artist- Diana Thater: American artist and pioneer in creating film and video art in the 90s.  She is most known for making optical illusions about space with video, film and lighting. 

Concept/Invention- Roberta Breitmore: invented by Lynn Hershman Leeson; through film technology, Leeson made Breitmore, who was a stimulated person able to interact with real life events; Leeson explored the human relationship with film technology

Gallery- Serpentine Gallery, London: home to contemporary art; with large exhibition on video and film art and influence.


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