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The dominant impressions in this easy include male chauvinism where men down look women on the ground that they are incapable. In the narrative women are uneducated as compared to male. The last impression is that women can also do men's job. The vivid phrases in the easy include "all that expanse of skin reminded me of a meat locker", "put themselves on display", "selling their bodies", "men look women as goods". About the narrative and idea development, I like plot development. I like the comparison of men's and female's body strength as proved by Olympic records.

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This narrative deals with the important role played by men in tradition and biological, male chauvinisms, gender equity, as well as chief. The connection of ideas all make sense to me. The weaker passage the one explaining the centerfolds looked upon by men.
Though there is no title, but the introduction is appealing as it consists of a better idea of what the research is all about. It does not contain what the writer think it will talk about. The nagging questions that the narrative what is the role of women? Why do men down look women? Why should my sister be given only things that I had no interests.

The writer offers does not offer detailed and vivid portray of characters and the settings for them to set the stage for the plot and themes development. The thing that needs to be explained in detail is which kind of work that male and female can have similar production, in addition, the challenges faced by women and female at work. Though the writer carefully organizes orders and passing of scene and events connection, for instance gender equity comes last. The description that needs expansion is the selling of bodies. The writer has made use of flashbacks effectively especially during introduction when explaining what is happening.

The writer has included some reflections on an essay from this unit. In addition, he has included some quotes from the essay. In the attempt to link the two narratives is by explaining similar setting as well as the insertion of more quotes from the narrative. In addition, he can use similar characters.


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