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Hillary Clinton, 63, is currently the United States' secretary of state. She lost to Barrack Obama for the presidency on a Democratic Party's ticket in the 2008 elections. She is the wife of former US president Bill Clinton. She served as the First Lady for eight years and had also been a senator for eight years. Hillary has been on the limelight as everyone on the political arena waits to see if she is running for the presidency in the upcoming elections, in 2012.

On the contrary, Hillary is on an official visit to Central Asia and the Middle East. She announced that she did not intend to charge for the presidency again while in Bahrain, as part of the tour. She said that she planned on living her life away from politics. She intends to proceed with advocacy for women and children as it is her passion. However, her announcement appears to be a strategy to, slowly, replace Joe Biden as the vice president in the 2012 elections.

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In my view, Hillary's announcement could just be a strategy to ensure that attention shifts from the main issue; replacing Joe Biden. Considering the 2008 run against President Barrack Obama, it was clear that they were extremely minimal margins between the supporters of Obama and those of Hillary Clinton. As such, it would be less likely that Hillary will just call it quoits when her popularity is still quite large. Also, the fact that Hillary has been in politics for quite a long time means that she would not just quit as soon as the next elections.

Politics is a dirty game and politicians survive via strategies that they set to ensure that they are still relevant with the passage of time. This, therefore, implies that Hillary, just like any other politician must strategize so as to continue pursuing her dream in politics.

In the movie Advise and Consent, there is controversy when the president nominates the secretary to the state. His appointment is against the will of the senate. For one's appointment to be fully approved, it must also be approved by the senate. The movie's main idea is built upon real-life occurrences in the public and private dealings of the senate. In the film, there is blackmail and dirty politics tricks to ensure that the president's choice is enacted.

In American politics, there seem to be certain threads that need to be maintained in order to ensure that a certain line of authority persists. This is the case portrayed in the film because the president's choice is a minority choice but anything is done to ensure it is enacted. However, the entire unfair deal is sabotaged by the sudden death of the president. The vice president, who takes over as president does not agree with this unfair deal.

The director tries to pass on a message that the people in power leave the subjects at their mercy. This is true compared with what happens in the real world. The powerful people tend to be just, but in the real sense, they totally sabotage the justice system. As seen in the film, the committee in charge of making the final decision is sabotaged by placing a controllable person to head it. This way, the outcome of the committee's decision will not be just.

In any situation where there are leaders and subjects, the powerful leaders always seem to suppress the subjects as they are at their mercy. However, they fail to understand that there are certain occurrences in life that are inevitable. For instance, death is inevitable.

During the part 2, Contract with America held on 3rd November 2010. Several issues were discussed on how funds would be raised to ensure that there was fair distribution of the tax burden. In the conference, strategies were laid down that were in accordance to what the Obama led government was planning. The main issues discussed were mainly about the federal government. The main issue was how additional funds would be raised. One would think that raising taxes would be an easy way out. However, this is not the case. This is because voters would not vote for an increase in the taxes, and they would still not vote to reduce their grants on issues such as medical funds.

The proposal was that the federally owned lands used be taxed. This would lead to increase in government revenue. I am of the view that this move would be fair to both citizens and the federal governments. This is because the federal government has a duty over the citizens that it governs. This, therefore, means that if its activities are taxed, it would directly be beneficial to the subjects. Also, the tax is only a small proportion of their entire income.

Any form of government has direct responsibility to its subjects. Therefore, in the event that there is a proposal that reduces the revenues earned by such a government, but in return benefits the community, it is only fair that the government supports the proposal. After all, the benefits enjoyed by its citizens contribute directly towards the development and growth of the region in question.

On February 10, 2007, the then Illinois Senator, Barrack Obama, announced that he would be running for the presidency. We were all gathered at the Old State Capitol Building in Springfield, Illinois. Everyone was over whelmed as the senator made the announcement and also put across his strategy towards making sure that he would win the election. It was a significant announcement in American politics since if he won the election in 2008; he would be the first black American president in the United States. Together with his family and his managers, they were positive about winning the next election.

Looking back to that day, I am well aware that a dream starts with the initial step that one makes. Barrack Obama later won the highly contested election on a Democratic ticket. In his speech, he introduced the 'Yes We Can' slogan that sailed him through to presidency. It is clear that being optimistic is of virtual importance in ensuring that one attains success in whatever they under take to do.

Discrimination due to race only exists in our minds. If we choose to block the existence of the different races that we come from and view ourselves as one strong, united nation, it is clear that we can surpass any hurdles that may come our way. Success comes our way if we first believe in ourselves so as to convince others to believe in our strong capabilities. The effort we put non stop is what leads us to greater heights from where we initially are at to where we ought to be.

I learnt a lot through attending this initial step of our current president. My self esteem is higher, and the power to believe in my capabilities was highly increased. It is clear that we are what we make ourselves be in life. It is all about how far we are willing to go through how much effort we put.


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