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Dear Ms. XXX:

Your books and shows have provided a lot of excellent ideas and advice to people who are in need of financial advice. A lot of graduates who are about to enter the real world are clueless about basic personal finance, and are hungry for sound knowledge. The Associated Student Organization wishes to invite you to come and give the graduates guidance and information regarding this subject.

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We hope you would consider making this keynote address at our special graduation convocation at University of XXX, Las Vegas to be held on May 26, 2012. As honorarium, our Associated Student Organization had set aside $1,000 as token of our appreciation. This will be a good chance as well to promote your book as one of a cross-country tour to college campuses. If the date maybe of conflict to your personal affairs, we hope you’d still give this consideration as it will be of great value to our organization and graduates.

Your acceptance for this opportunity to promote your book as well as share your financial experiences on May 26 will definitely make young, fabulous, and broke fans very happy. You may reach me at 434-7672 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Pacific Standard Time should you have any questions or concern. We look forward to your decision regarding this event. Hopefully you can give us a response before May 19, 2012, so that we can announce the good news and start our publicity campaign.




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